Production of the album The Leap - Odrė

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Production of the album The Leap - Odrė

"The Leap" - A dive into the unknown "The Leap" is the story of a dive into the unknown. A leap that can illustrate a lot of situations and of feelings: making a decision, fearing what you don't know, hoping to find that things are better when you change them... For each decision: a dive, a leap of faith. And the path of this "small" album is in itself a succession of these leaps: from the writing to the composition, from the arrangements to the final mix. I have wanted to tell this story in this 7-song album, an inner journey that starts by accepting solitude and ends up with embracing the risk of making a decision: a leap of faith. I have wanted to launch this project on KissKissBankBank to fund a part of the costs to produce the CD (pressing, copyright, print) and the artwork (illustrations). I hope you will like this album... thank you for your participation! You can follow my news on Facebook: and on Instagram: The Leap - Odrė 1. Better on my own 2. Timeout18 3. Tell me less 4. I'm not alone 5. The dice 6. How you feel 7. Take a leap Lyrics, composition, voice, machine, keys: Odrė (Audrey Bourget) Drums: David Michéléna Bass: Yann Pavel Guitar: Jean-Baptiste Gaudray Cello: Delphine Franck Arrangement and production: Audrey Bourget and David Michéléna Recording: Jacques Bourget, @Studio La Mare Blanche Mix and mastering: Jacques Bourget, with help from Audrey Bourget and David Michéléna Artwork: Marlène Latourre (@Artbybear) PS: for those who already know this song, you will find on the album a re-edition of "I'm not alone", that I had released in Spring 2020 with this video: And hereunder, you'll find some pics that illustrate the "backstage" of this album's production: First mix, David and Jacques, @ Studio La Mare Blanche. David records the "dub" drums for Timeout18. Jean-Baptiste records the guitar for Take a leap. First live for some of the tracks of the album, here for Tell me less.

Allocation of funds

Votre contribution sur KissKissBankBank permettra de financer une partie des coûts de production du CD (le pressage, la déclaration à la SACEM, l'impression du livret) et de l'artwork (illustrations).


The physical album The Leap, with a 12 page booklet


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You will receive the physical album, with a 12 page booklet, delivered at your home.

Estimated delivery: June 2022

The physical album The Leap *signed*, with a 12 page booklet


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For 15 euros, you will receive a signed version of the physical album, delivered to your home.

Estimated delivery: June 2022

The physical album The Leap *signed* + 12 page booklet + a poster of the artwork


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For 50 euros, you will receive the album signed, with the 12 page booklet and a poster of the album's artwork. Deliveries in France and hand delivery in Normandy and in the Alps (Haute-Savoie, Western Switzerland).

Estimated delivery: June 2022

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