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The Album SOUL JAZZ BEAT is a tribute paid to the Soul Jazz and Hammond Funk golden years of the Prestige and Blue Note labels and also to the most typical musical band ensemble : The TRIO.

SOUL JAZZ BEAT are 3 talented musicians able to electrify their audience with an intense groove and terrific compositions among them are some covers from the masters of the genre like Jack Mc Duff, Richard « Groove » Holmes or even Roy Brooks.

Telmo Fernández on guitar is a master at playing solid, hypnotising and funky grooves. Composer with a lot of inspiration, He is behind this project and teamed up with 2 of his fellow travellers. No doubt that  Boogaloo Joe Jones haunts his nights.

Phil Wilkinson on organ pushes the limits even further with fluid sounds coming straight out of the burning Leslie Cabin. Thanks to his uncommon skill on the double keyboard organ, he gained fame as an accomplished musician and played with many  from Fast 3 to the great Brian Jackson.

Caspar Saint Charles on drums is the backbone and knows how to sublime and transcend the trio with his irreprochable touch that never fails.

Obviously, you realize that SOUL JAZZ BEAT is the condensed version of a musical heritage perfectly represented here by the Soul Jazz and Hammond Funk Trio ready to set you on fire !

Recorded in Madrid at Funkmeba studios, home of  Santí Martin ― bass player of The Sweet Vandals, all the tracks are recorded  live in one take on analog equipment, best way to capture the essence and  original soul of this music !

The maximum length of one side being ― 40 minutes for a LP ― we had to select among all the tracks recorded during this session in 2016.

The Soul Jazz Beat album released on the Atomic Soul Records label is the first in a collection of albums dedicated  to the Soul Jazz and Hammond Funk TRIO entitled 333.

You said 333...

The first 3 meaning TRIO, the second for « TROIS-CHÂTEAUX ― 3 CASTLES »  home of Atomic Soul Records and Saint-Paul Soul Jazz festival and the last 3 for « 333 LIMITED NUMBERED COPIES » !

3 + 3 + 3 = 333 hand limited numbered copies.

Track Listing :

▪ Face A

1. Chicken Fingers 4’44 (Telmo Fernandez)

2. The Free Slave 7’56 (Roy Brooks)

3. Pot Pie 6’15 (Telmo Fernandez)

▪ Face B

1. 3 Pesos 5’08 (Phil Wilkinson)

2. Vagabond Blues 5’36 (Phil Wilkinson)

3. Onsaya Joy 6’06 (Richard « Groove » Holmes)

4. I Can’t Get Satisfied 3’39 (Jack Mc Duff)

Allocation of funds

The money will be used to finance only the vinyl pressing and some of additional costs (see below).

The master is ready to go !

Fees detail :

1. Making and pressing the vinyl record :

▪ Speed : 33 RPM

▪ Acetate Master Disc  + Electroforming

▪ Test Pressing : 5 copies

▪ Pressing : 333 hand numbered copies, black (140 gr)

▪ A 3 mm thick cover (350g), four-color printing

▪ Labels : four-color printing tag

▪ Inner black sleeve

▪ Shrink wrapping

2. Cover artwork ― Designed for free by the project manager

3. Mechanical reproduction rights (SACEM) ― Already paid by the project manager

4. Fees due to the crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank

If we get more money than expected, it will be used to :

  • Pressing a forthcoming 45 in a special limited edition with two unrealeased tracks ;
  • Pressing a color vinyl ;
  • Organize a promotional campaign through ads on the social networks for the album release ;

[COPYRIGHT et THANX] Telmo, Phil and Caspar for this great album, Stéfan Garcia for the translation in english, Yannick Mazellier for the pictures and Jaime Massieu for the video.

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