Sous le rêve mexicain de la création

Alebrijes are mexicans colorfull figurines, there is a defile organized in octuber and we want to give a chance to children to build one !

Project visual Sous le rêve mexicain de la création
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Sous le rêve mexicain de la création



Who ?

ednica is a NGO which works with the children and young people in street situation in Mexico City. This project concerns directly the mexican children in street situation.


What for ?

This project is about the kids building a giant ALEBRIJE (a colorful mexican figurine) with the help of a professional and showing it during a defile in the streets of Mexico City in Octuber. 




Why ?

It will permit them to work together, to learn more about the Mexicain traditions and to be proud of showing their art to all mexicain people in MC !


ednica is working with those children, young people and adolescents since 23 years, and offer them an alternative to street life. It's often their only alternative to the street, but a good one because it encourage them to choose a different life with stable job and better life conditions.


These kind of activities permit them to develop a team spirit, to know better mexican traditions and to build it for months !


It's a very interesting project that will link them with their cultural roots !


Help them to build it, it's helping them to grow in the best possible conditions !


And you can help us to make this projecto come true !!




It you want to learn more about the NGO :


And to support the project, you just have to click on the right blue button "SUPPORT THIS PROJECT"


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Thank you for your help !



Allocation of funds

The funds will help us to buy all the necessary material to buy the giant Alebrije (58%), the transportation in the streets (8%), the disguises (17%) and the food for the children during all the worshops and the defile (17%) !


Choose your reward


Votre inscription sur notre newsletter afin de suivre nos projets !
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Une photo des enfants et de leur Alebrije !
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Votre nom sur la page de remerciement d'ednica + les contreparties précédentes !
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Une carte de remerciement des enfants par email + les contreparties précédentes ! A greatful card writen by the children by email + your inscription to our news letter + a picture of the children and their Alebrije + your name on ednica's webpage !


    La vidéo du défilé avec les enfants et leur Alebrije par email !
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    Une mini Alebrije par la poste, accompagnée de sa carte de remerciement ! A mini Alebrije that we will send you at home with its greatful card writen by the children !


      Un dessin d'Alebrije signé par un artiste mexicain envoyé par la poste avec sa carte de remerciements ! A drawing made by a mexican artist with its greatful card that we'll send you at home !


        Une Alebrije envoyée par la poste avec sa carte de remerciements ! A big Alebrije that we'll send you at home with its greatful card !


          Pack Mecene : votre logo sur la page d'ednica destinée à ce projet et un contact personalisé avec votre entreprise afin d'envisager un partenariat. For the professional : your logo on ednica's website and a personalised contact with your company to begin a partnership

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