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Sous la canopée, boutique de plantes


  • For those who already know GreenHouse, you know what the project is all about. I want to start on my own after 9 months of partnership. However, this time I need a contribution in order to optimize my chances of having a loan from the banks to open my own shop. 


  • For thos who do not know the project yet, GreenHouse is a shop specialized in indoor plants. You will of course find timeless classics like the pilea peperomioides, the sanseverieria, the ficus or the pothos but also original and rare plants like some philodendrons (pastazanum, gloriosum, pink princess, white princess, ...), some incredible anthuriums (warocqueanum, clarinervium, veitchii, ...) and many others to surprise you and make you travel around the world, always at reasonable prices and accompanied by personalized advice.
  • I also want to develop more workshops that were very successful in 2019 : Terrariums classes, Kokedama classes and even meditation workshops which were Sold Out during its first edition.
  • You will also find more and more planters, pots and original handcrafted creations to enhance your new plants. 
  • There will be a lot of different potting mixes, clay balls, perlite and many products to maintain your plants.


You can visit the Instagram account for more photos of the project

Allocation of funds

This fundraising would be a great support to my project. It will allow me to go to a bank with a large enough contribution to be taken seriously.


With your help and with the support of a bank, I will be able to develop the GreenHouseproject a little more!

8% will be used to pay the Kiss Kiss Bank Bank platform.

The more this fundraising will be important, the more I will be able to expand the shop to a tea/coffee room and why not; some snacks to spend some good time with friends in a jungle on Flagey square!

I also want to launch an online store to give my customers who doesn’t live in Brussels a chance to find the plants of their dreams.

Every donation is important. I have many projects but I need your help to continue this wonderful adventure together

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thank you for the donation! I will personally thank you on social media + You will receive a personnalized thank you card + You will be able to choose a plant (approx 30 cm height) within a beautiful selection. + You will receive a very exclusif tote bag + You get the opportunity to join the class of your choice (ex: terrarium, kokedama or ever meditation)
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