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The project

Hi and thank you for visiting my project. Here is my story.


This project is my dream since I was old enough to remember!

Are you ready to discover my world and follow me to the stars?! 

I've always been a dreamer, but I have always worked really hard to get where I want to be. Music? It has always been part of my DNA.

I've always felt that this project was going to happen eventually, I knew that “The moment” would come, I just needed to be patient (which I'm not most of the time ;)).

"Be patient and wait for the right Moment

That's the main lesson I've learnt in the past weeks. And also, to “Never give up.

And when the right moment comes, grab it, stick to it like you would do for your last breath.

Let me tell you about “My moment”, when my project started to become more than just a dream, started to be my reality.


The moment my dream became reality

This summer, I went to Greece with a friend of mine to enjoy my holiday before moving to Dublin for a new job with a software company starting in September.

I had a call with my personal coach Fabienne, and she asked me if I wanted to be introduced to one of her old friend, a music agent called Fabrice Sioul. She told me he worked with Jeff Panacloc. I thought, well, why not? 


Fabrice happened to be the person I was waiting for all my life. Why? Read this: 

•       Fabrice worked for 12 years for Universal as music producer, he is an artist at heart

•       Fabrice has over 20 years of experience in the music Industry dealing with the major labels, radios, TV shows...etc.

•       He is passionate about music and growing artists, he managed many artists. To mention a few:


Jeff Panacloc, a famous and amazing French humorist


Marc-Antoine (“Tant besoin de toi”, the music show « Les 3 Mousquetaires » …)


The rising French star Angie Robba ("Freaking Day”, “Sardou et Nous” album who is accounting for more than 3 millions views on Youtube now and a tour in all zeniths in France soon !...). Angie is signed with Play2 from Warner


The next big Irish international Artist after The Script and Ed Sherann: the unique composer and singer Joe Cleere working for Tileyard, etc...


•       Fabrice believes so much in my project that we have already recorded 3 songs in studio:


2 covers with the talented Guard and Joss from Creative Studio in Lyon (France): "Petite Marie" by Francis Cabrel & "Shape of you" by Ed Sherann


1 of my songs with Joe Cleere called "Want it" (you can listen to it in the video in this post)


However, now, the project needs to move harder, better, faster, stronger... (Thank you Daft Punk) and write more lyrics, more melodies, more new future hits!

And I need you Kisskissbankers to make it happen NOW.

Because this is The Moment.

Are you still with me? If yes, follow my story on these pictures below....




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11uk-1509221230 Joe_concentrating-1509221319 

Let_s_eat_ice_on_butter-1508967891    13uk-1509221254Final_-1511108611

Why fund it?

Did you like the pictures above ? If yes, let me tell you WHY you should do it.


Why help me with my project?


Reason 1: Well, because it's my DREAM and I believe each person on earth want to find their dream and make it happen :) 


Reason 2: But also, because I have big plans for our future. I know what you will think: "She is a dreamer". Yes, I know, but this is happening. I want to make the world a better place with my music. I want to compose songs to help others achieve their dreams as well. 


Reason 3: I have the best of the best around me with Fabrice Sioul working with the big labels Universal, Warner... and Joe Cleere working for Tileyard. In this environment, it can only go great, right? 


Reason 4: Because my friend Lounis convinced me of trying it with YOU Kisskissbankers and I really believe it can work! Let's make it happen together :) 


Reason 5: If we reach 10 000€ and more, I will invite you all to a private show!!


Here is how the collected funds will be used:

I will personally receive the funds on my private account. 


•       Recording of singles in studio (a minimum of 3) = 4500 euros

•       Mix of songs = 3000 euros

•       Mastering of songs = 500 euros 

Vidéos / Clips (in January 2018 in Dublin)

•       Recording of 1 video clip = 2000 euros

If we reach over 10 000€

•       Organization of a private show for the Kiss Kiss Bankers

•       Collaboration with a humanitarian association to raise funds


A huge THANK YOU. I love you <3



Name : Caroline Simons Nationality : French Lives in : Dublin Passion : Song writer, music composer, singer Styles: Pop / Folk (Organic) Hobbies / Activities : 1. Making music (lyrics and melodies) most of the time (even during her sleep) 2. Play with her 2 cats Lifka and Scarlet 3. Sell software Sentence driving her life : "The... See more