Soutenez la construction de l'hostel éco-solidaire du Père Pédro à Madagascar !

Give a job and a futur to Madagascar people !

Project visual Soutenez la construction de l'hostel éco-solidaire du Père Pédro à Madagascar !
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Soutenez la construction de l'hostel éco-solidaire du Père Pédro à Madagascar !

For 30 years now, Father Pedro has deployed all of his energy in the hopes of offering the habitants living in slums located in Tananarive a brighter future. 

In 1989, Father Pedro, shocked by the conditions of life the children of Tananarive were faced with, decided to embark on a lifelong project: build houses, schools for families directly living in slums and create employment opportunities thanks to the construction of a new hostel. He thus created the Akamasoa association, and together with the locals, worked on building villages in the area to relocate those families living in terrible conditions. Break Poverty has decided to support this project and to commit itself beside the Akamasoa association.

The project of the Akamasoa association

A few numbers in 2019:

22 villages

324 schools

3038 houses

25 000 habitants 

End of 2019: beginning of the hostel's constructions

2021: opening of the hostel 

The project: Finance the construction of a room

After the construction of houses and schools, Father Pedro and his association decided to embark on a new adventure: train and offer jobs to those habitants still located in slums. For this, he had the idea to open a hostel in the heart of Tananarive, employing people from the village. Not only that, but all the profits made will be given back to the community.

The hostel will be composed of 25 rooms with an original, colorful and modern decoration. This hostel aims to offer tourists a calm and spacious place in the heart of Madagascar. It is also an eco-friendly hostel, notably seen by the construction of solar pannels. Furthermore, water and electricity, which are already scarce resources in Madagascar, will be limited to avoid overconsumption. Thus, there will be no television in rooms and water in showers will be limited.

Important dates

Allocation of funds

Along with other organisations, we are trying to collect funds for this project. However, Break Poverty Foundation would like to also assist this project!

The 15 000€ collected for the construction will allow us to finance part of the construction, the decoration and the furniture of one of the 25 rooms of this hostel.

Here is a table breaking down how the 15 000€ collected would be distributed:

Level to validate :

The construction of the hostel will permit to hire:

  • 1 director and 4 employees
  • 1 administrative director and 5 receptionnists 
  • 1 housekeeper, 4 employees to clean rooms, and 3 washing machines
  • 1 head cook
  • 5 head waiters
  • 1 employee responsible for the overarching organisation of restaurant and 5 waiters
  • 4 secuirty guards
  • 1 boutique manager and 3 employees
  • 2 maintenance managers

Ultimately, 41 Malagacy residents will work in Father Pedro's hostel.

In the long run, this hostel will allow to train young adults to the world of hotel jobs and restoration. These trainings would be a guarantee for a brighter future for all the Malagasy young adults living in underprivileged areas.



Who are we?

Break Poverty Foundation supports the hard work of Father Pedro and his commitment to the poor families of Tananarive. In the context of our mission to fight against poverty in the world, we wish to support the construction and opening of this hostel. For this, we need you! The collected funds will be given directly to the association. If the project does not receive the needed finances, the collected funds will be given to a program in favor of giving access employment to those who are underprivileged and isolated from the work force.

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