Soutenez la sortie du nouveau CD de Solenne Païdassi

Support the new Bach CD release “Sonatas and partitas” by Solenne Païdassi

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Soutenez la sortie du nouveau CD de Solenne Païdassi


I was dreaming of recording Bach Sonatas and partitas for solo violin for many years. Sometimes you have to nudge destiny a bit to accomplish a cherished desire, and that’s exactly what happened here, in the extraordinary place called the Beauvais Maladrerie.

Thanks to the label Indesens and a highly experienced artistic team (artistic director, sound engineer, photograph, communication team,...), we will be able to release, this winter, this cd reaching for the celestial realms. But we need your help to finance the cd release!

Your participation is all that we need now, to give this project the momentum it deserves when it finally comes out!

Thank you already for the attention you’ve given to this campaign, and the support that you will be willing to give it.


Ever since I was a little girl, Bach was there in my everyday life. In the car, at home, my parents were always putting on the recordings of Glenn Gould, Paul Tortelier, or Henrik Szering. I grew up with the certainty that the Sonatas and Partitas were not only beautiful and great pieces of music, but were also deeply steeped in humanity.

We always talk of Johann Sebastian Bach very seriously, but what I feel when I play his music is unbound jubilation, an incredible imagination, and so much freedom!

That’s the reason why it is so important for me to share this joy with as many people as possible. By freeing myself from traditional interpretation codes, be they baroque, post-modern, or romantic, I just want to make a recording of these Sonatas and Partitas centered on Bach, not only the composer, but also thinking of the multi-faceted man he was. I want to reinterpret Bach like the little girl I was, listening to Szering while dreaming of eternity...

© Photos : Jean-Baptiste Millot

© Video : Yanis Bouabdallah

Allocation of funds

The fundraising will be used to finance the CD release with the help of a press agency. As you surely know, hundreds of recordings are released every month. We really wish that this recording, in which we have invested all our energy for months, might have the necessary impulse to be heard by as many as possible. I will personally receive the full amount of the campaign, before redistributing the money to the various professionals involved in the project. I will take no commission or make any benefit. 

For the best possible production of the recording, the artistic director has an essential role and this campaign will also enable us to cover the cost of this detailed work, done with the utmost passion and precision.

In details :


What if we collect more than 4000€ ?

We decided to put smaller amount to give ourselves the most chances to reach the campaign goal and validate the campaign.

Ideally the necessary amount is more around 5000€ (and you should know the additional 1000€ will go entirely to the communication agency, to give the CD an even BIGGER visibility!)

And what is your time schedule ?

August 2018: Recording the CD

September - December 2018: Implementation of the communication strategy with the press agency

October 2018 - January 2019: Delivery of the 1st montage, and work with the artistic director and sound engineer to optimize the recording

March 2019: CD Release

September 2019: CD concert at the Maladrerie

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