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Responsabilité Sans Frontières
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012
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"On the Heritage Route" (Sur la Route du Patrimoine) is an expert mission, roaming by bicycle, across the American continent, from north to south, meeting local initiatives for the protection and enhancement of the World heritage, natural and cultural. This project is both charitable, voluntary and responsible. For over a year, we will promote and support on the one hand, the social responsibility as a means for sustainable practices, on the other hand, efforts to preserve the local heritage, including sustainable tourism projects. Beyond the awareness of the general public and companies, we will on-going interact with the primary school students through various media: website, blog, social networks, news, radio, conferences.


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1 postcard from the place of your choice (see. itinéraire) written by a local person and that will establish a first contact with you + Previous Rewards. Enhance inter-cultural exchanges !

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