Swooshboy's EP

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Swooshboy's EP


It's time for Swooshboy to get out of his cave and record his first EP of 5 songs, in a professional studio, with musicians. This will allow him to share his music and his world with everyone, through a Folk/Rock melody! 







Inspired by musicians such as Ben Harper, Muse, Keziah Jones and Leonard Cohen, Swooshboy is a songwriter and singer aged of 16. He started the guitar at the age of 12. Singing and writing songs have followed a couple of chords later.




Having lived his childhood in the USA, Swooshboy is a very curious, open-minded young man. He asks himself many questions, and has a very personal vision of the world, which often reflects in the originality of his songs.


His special voice will bring you into deep melodies. Despite his young age, his sensibility and experience will surprise you.




Come on friends, help him, it will be awesooommmee!


Click here to listen to other sounds that are only demos: 




Allocation of funds


Studio recording with musicians : 1200 euros.


Sound mixing by a profesionnal producer : 300 euros.


CD production, promotion etc : 500 euros.




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