Take Me To Seoul ! My Korean Dream... [Internship / Stage]

Annyeong ! Hello ! I need your support to realize my Korean Dream... If you believe in my project, please help me to construct my future !

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Take Me To Seoul ! My Korean Dream... [Internship / Stage]

<p><strong>Hello everyone and welcome !</strong><br />First of all, thank you for clicking and kindly learn about my project here!</p><p><img width="100%" alt="" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/487177/Mon_korean_dream__4_-1518687947.jpg" /><br />My name is Maureen, I am 23 years old and I am currently studying in <strong>Master 2 Asian Cultural Area, specialty Tourism, Language and Cultural Heritage at Aix-Marseille University</strong>. It&#39;s been 8 years since I studied Chinese, 3 years for Korean, and so much time to learn everything about Asia! It&#39;s <strong>my passion for South Korea</strong>, since my high school years, that pushed me to follow Asian studies in order, one day, to be able to go there, work there, or even live there! It took 10 years of waiting, almost as many years of study, and a lot of work done for this opportunity to finally come to me ...</p><p>Indeed, <strong>I recently received a proposal for an end-of-study internship - from July to November 2018 - in a receptive travel agency, based in Seoul, South Korea.</strong> This agency introduces to French tourists about the wonders and secrets of Korean culture. <strong>A great professional opportunity</strong>, in a country where it is difficult to find a serious job as a foreigner. <strong>This internship could allow me to settle on the spot, to make my own network and, I hope, to become a guide (tour guide or guide speaker) or to work in cultural and heritage valorization</strong>, in this country that it is so important to me. I could <strong>share my passion with French tourists, professionalize myself, learn a little more South Korea, its landscapes and its culture.</strong> It is also an opportunity<strong> to give a good image of France to Koreans</strong> because I represent my country. I would also like <strong>to take some of my time to volunteer with the orphanages in Seoul.</strong> It&#39;s an idea that I&#39;ve been keeping in my mind for a while. I would like to help these children from orphanage through a humanitarian association, Korean or international. And finally, if the budget allows, and if I do not miss the time, I would like <strong>to take intensive Korean courses at a university</strong>, on the spot, for at least three months.</p><p>To do this internship, I should leave as part of a <strong>Working Holiday visa</strong>. This visa allows to stay up to 12 months in the South Korean territory. It allows you to work and travel, with some conditions, of course. But now ... <strong>Because of the financial difficulties that my parents face in recent years and the remoteness of my family, and despite all my hard work to make it possible (work, application for financial help, sale of my personal items, etc ...) It&#39;s difficult for me to raise all the necessary funds</strong>. Futhermore, this internship is unpaid ...</p><p>After all the work done to reach my goal, to realize my Korean Dream, I can&#39;t, I do NOT WANT, give up everything! Can not leave only because of lack of funds ... No! It is not fair !<strong> This is certainly my last chance, because my studies are coming to an end, I would soon no longer have the opportunity to do an internship like this ...&nbsp;</strong><br />Despite everything, my motivation remains flawless!</p><p><strong>That&#39;s why I&#39;d like to ask you for a little help, your support to help me make my project a reality. My KOREAN DREAM ...</strong> With your help, I hope to be able to achieve this end of study project. 1 &euro;, 5 &euro;, 10 &euro;, 20 &euro;, 30 &euro;, 50 &euro; ... <strong>Each donation counts and has its importance!</strong></p><p><strong>I thank with all my heart the people who will help me to realize this project.</strong><br />Obviously, I plan to share my adventure with you on my blog Pineapple Sunset, I even think of launching a Youtube channel to share more with you my adventures in the Land of Morning Calm and make you discover this country through vlogs.</p><p><strong>So, if you believe in me, in my project, please, help me make it happen!!</strong></p><p><img width="100%" alt="" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/487175/IMG_20180212_202555_239-1518687905.jpg" /></p>

Allocation of funds

<p>To better understand, you should know that <strong>the cost of living in South Korea is comparable to that of the developed European countries.</strong> And the financial conditions to obtain a PVT visa, necessary for this internship, are difficult (but not insurmountable!) Here is a small recap:</p><p><strong>Round-trip airfares: 700 - 850 &euro;</strong> (if booked in advance ... it can quickly rise above <strong>1000 &euro;</strong>)<br /><strong>Visa: free but travel expenses to go to Paris</strong> because I personnaly have to give the file by hand: Almost <strong>100 &euro;</strong>.<br /><strong>Monthly rent: from 300-350 &euro;</strong> <strong>(x5 months and a half)</strong> for a small collocation +<strong> the deposit</strong> (the deposits are rather high in Korea, it goes from the amount of a rent if you&#39;re lucky to more than 10 000 &euro;!)<br /><strong>Monthly Budget: About 300 &euro; </strong>of monthly budget (x5 months and a half) to live, I&#39;ve calculated on a <strong>$ 10/day basis</strong>.<br /><strong>Additional costs: internet, phone, transport card ...<br />This really corresponds to a minimum budget to live, without extras ...</strong></p><p>If I can study Korean at the University, the semester costs about <strong>1300 &euro;</strong> (registration fee).</p><p>Moroever, the Korean Embassy requests a fund of <strong>2 500&euro; from the visa applicant&#39;s bank account, 3,500&euro; if the person has not purchased a return ticket.</strong> A mobility financial support should help me pay only 3 months of rent. And, with the little time I have left, working, even full time, is not enough to raise the total amount needed...</p><p><strong>I will receive myself all the funds in order to concretize this personal and professional project, and thus, to begin to build my professional future through this internship.</strong></p>



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