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Tamara Weber / Us Wild Folks

Hey, My name is Tamara!
I'm a 27 years old singer songwritter who wish to record a 4 or 5 tracks Ep, it's called Us Wild Folks.
I've been in the music scene for a while now. I started singning in bars in  2010, released my first track "Mystery" in 2012. In 2014 I was on the tv show La Voix in Canada, just before releasing independently my first record Time, Wind & Fire which I wrote and composed by myself.



In 2015, I left my safety, my job in a music store, then sold my camera and a guitar so I could bring my folk on the other side ot the atlantic.
I was spotted by one of  The Voice casting directors in France and got the opportunity to share my art.
This crazy move turned out to be very rewarding since the 4 chairs turned around and I was one of the 4 finalists on  Mika's team. 
This experience was truely amazing!



...I'm often asked what happened after The Voice, why didn't I get a record contract, why is the streets the place where people are most likely to hear me singing, what did I become etc.
Truth is, despite all the exposure and the few meetings I had with labels and producers, I don't seem to fit in what the industry is looking for.

I would need to change almost everything I am to be more commercial to be considerated. I will never be ready to compromise my soul in order to get out of the darkness.
Music is the only thing that truely makes me feel alive and if I had to become a product I am not for it to work out, I would simply have no more reason to be.



The past few years, I've been devoting almost all my spare times to writing songs for a new record, be on stage the more I can and wander the world with my small guitar hoping to catch the attention of labels or producers willing to support me has I am.

That's why I'm asking for your help today. Because I firmly believe that you, folks who listen to music, have the power of choosing what you want to hear. Who cares about the industry anyways!



Us Wild Folks is an indie folk Ep influenced by my guilty taste for pop music. The main subject of it is freedom, or course! I think the melodies and instrumentation of it all will make you travel wherever you wanna go.
20 songs  who took their time to grow are only waiting for you to "see the light of day"

If we reach our goal, Us wild folks will be out this fall

It will also be easier for me to present myself in front of labels with a professional product that is representative of where I am musically right now!

And to be totally honest, I'm burning to share the music I've been working on for a few years with you!



                                                             I need you!

Allocation of funds

This crowdfounding will pay for the recording, production, realisation the mix, the mastering,  musicians, the sound engineer, The fantastic artist who accepted to make the artwork for Us Wild folks etc. Basically it's 2000 per song plus the 800 Kiss Kiss Bank Bank commission 



If we exceed the goal we will shoot a videoclip for one of the songs

And if we really blow the target, we could make a whole record, can you imagine!!.. (or a few more songs)

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Because of your generosity, you will be able to wander everywhere with "Us Wild Folks" in your ears before everybody, I offer you 1 DIGITAL OF "US WILD FOLKS" BEFORE IT'S OFFICIAL RELEASE
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You'll keep an animated memory of that time you helped me realize my dream with this THANK YOU VIDEO MADE SPECIALLY FOR YOU
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1 signed copy of "Us wild Folks" + all of the above


You are giving me the means to record my EP, so it's only natural that I offer you 1 SIGNED COPY OF "US WILD FOLKS"
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I'm with the band! (invitation to a rehearsal) + all of the above


I'd like to show you how greateful I am for your helpby letting you see how I prepare for a concert. With your contribution, I give you an INVITATION TO ASSIST TO A REHEARSAL FOR THE RELEASE OF US WILD FOLKS (transportation at your expense)
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With this uge contribution I offer you something special! A 45 MINUTES ACOUSTIC HOME CONCERT WITH YOUR FRIENDS! You can even customize your moment because I'll send you a list of the songs I know so you can pick a few ones. I might even sing some exclusive songs if you behave ;) (the transportation is at your expense departure from Paris or Montreal)
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