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TanGossip, a Sip of Tango

TanGossip, a Sip of Tango is a digital magazine of unquestionable literary quality which tackles every aspect of this Dance and Music, and which will resuscitate in French, English, Spanish and Italian, the lost magic of our Milongas, not to mention every tiny little detail of our Tanguero/as daily life. I feel blessed I have encountered nothing but wild enthusiasm the moment I invited friends and eminent specialists to cooperate. The first issue is planned on June 22nd, 2021. It is already awaiting its readers. So, if you feel likewise, that Tango, which bursts out of an intoxicating bundle of poems deserves nothing less than a “handful of sharply witted authors” to brush a kernel of Total Art around it - including focus on music, history, technique, places, tradition but also Modernism, essays, interviews, lovely people, etc -, then get you ready to enjoy the wildest poetic adventure that’s about to be attempted to affirm that despite everything “we are a community” and "we've got a literary voice".

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Further Graphic Design and Print. Larger distribution and diffusion. Translators to have every section translated into the four languages (Eng, Esp, Fr, It).


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First issue of TanGossip, a Sip of Tango 150 pages of gorgeous literature about Tango tackling every aspect of the phenomenon

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