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Friday, July 06, 2012
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A collaborative festival celebrating the passion for technology, creativity and knowledge exchange - Berlin style! 23-24 August, 2012. Be part of it!


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Give the amount of your choice, without any rewards.

For €5 and more

Support us! Donate to make the very first TOA Berlin happen. Everyone who contributes will be credited on our supporter wall on the web.

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For €50 and more

Pitch us! Even if you can't attend in person. Pitch us your idea or project in a 1-minute YouTube clip. We will show all clips in a loop at the central event. Lots of influential people will see it, ergo: make sure to be awesome!

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For €75 and more

Be there with us! Get 1 Early Bird Ticket for the very first TOA Berlin. The regular Ticket price later on will be significantly higher. So get 'em while they're cheap!

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For €99 and more

Bond with us! Get 1 Early Bird Ticket + 1 limited TOA Berlin 2012 T-shirt. The shirt looks real neat and has a unique design made in Berlin.

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For €150 and more

Take a ride! The TOA Berlin Startup Tour - Let us show you Berlin. We'll take you round to meet some of the startups involved in TOA Berlin. Visit some of the coolest offices and talk to the people behind the product. Forget about the tourist traps and see why Berlin is such an awesome startup hub. Includes 1 Ticket + 1 T-shirt!

Backers 10Availability 40/50

For €750 and more

Amaze us! Get 2 Tickets + a dedicated space to present your startup/project/installation at the central event. This is a great way to communicate one-to-one with media, early adopters or potential job candidates. Ask us if you need help with brainstorming or planning your space.

Backers 4Availability 6/10

For €1,500 and more

Sponsor us! Become a special KissKissBankBank "Early Visionary" sponsor with your logo appearing on the TOA Berlin website + 2 tickets + 1 space to amaze us (details see above). Oh, and you'll also have our undying thanks!

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For €10,000 and more

Make it last a life-time! Finance the documentary about the very first TOA Berlin and make your brand stand out. Please get in touch with us to discuss specifics.

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