THE BLACK PAINTERS - Limited Edition

Limited Edition of the album of THE BLACK PAINTERS (Remi Panossian - Piano / Matthieu Miegeville - Vocals) + special showcases

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THE BLACK PAINTERS - Limited Edition



This is the crowdfunding page of the limited edition of the album of THE BLACK PAINTERS - "All the sad and stupid songs of all time seem written for me now". This album contains 10 tracks with a special packaging for this crowdfunding (visuals, photos, lyrics...).

Before going on tour in 2016 to China, Korea, Germany, Russia, Belarus, ..., THE BLACK PAINTERS will have 2 very special showcases.

These 2 events will happen on January 11th and 12th.



The one of Paris will take place on January 12th, in an incredible club. The name will be secretly revealed a few days before. 

The second one will be in our hometown in Toulouse, in a special place relooked for the event. The name will also be secretly revealed a few days before. 


This edition is limited so there will not be CDs and places for eveyone. So clic aside, spread our music. We are already excited thinking about playing our songs for you, cause they are a part of us, maybe more.


We already thank you for all the support we have for now, all your kind words, words of support, your applauses, and all these shared emotions.

"Happy endings with you make me forget the Minor G" ;-) R.P. & M.M.




OFFICIAL BIOGRAPHY Remi Panossian is known for his worldwide tours with RP3 and under his own name. Described as one of the most gifted rock-influenced modern  jazz pianists. Matthieu Miegeville is known for his worlwide tours with MOPA or PSYKUP. Described as one the most sensitive,  deep and tormented vocalists of the rock / post punk / metal scene. But it’s hard to believe these two guys could meet musically one day and create such a powerful and chilling piano-vocal duet. The piano is reminiscent of Brad Meldhau,  Keith Jarrett and even Esbjorn Svensson. The voice leans towards Trent Reznor,  Nick Cave,  and even Maynard John Keenan. The incredible thing is that the formula works. It would even be wrong to just say «the formula works ». We must say «that musical formula is obvious ». THE BLACK PAINTERS must have existed in a past life if you believe in reincarnation., But if you just believe in music,  enjoy knowing that these two guys met one day to create THE BLACK PAINTERS. (James Simpson)  


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Studio 1500€ Frais Release Parties 1000€ Promotion 1500€ Posters 200€ Frais KKBB 8%



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Estimated delivery: December 2015

"JAPANESE DINNER" PACK * Japanese Homemade Dinner cooked by the BLACK PAINTERS + PHYSICAL ALBUM dedicated + DIGITAL ALBUM + Poster THE BLACK PAINTERS Receive the physical album dédicated by ourselves + Digital Album + 1 Poster + Come and eat with us the best homemade Chirashi in the world, with of course a great bottle of french wine ;-) * Only for France
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