The cuban travel/ construction de l'exposition

A photographic journey on Cuban soil, on the island of rum and cigars, girls and beaches, music and dust but not only...

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The cuban travel/ construction de l'exposition



The cuban travel is a photographic project born there more than 7 years ago, the fruit of many trips on this island. Not totally a photo report, even if it shows a large amount of work on the specificity of the island (music, rum, beach, cigar, American car, gamecock, Santeria, etc ...), not touristy at all (I never stayed in those hotels), not simply travel pictures either (after almost ten trips I feel a little at home!), not this, not that ...


So what is The cuban travel




It's a subjective photographic journey : black and white, 50mm fixed focal essentially, a zest of 35mm, dense and dark print, blur or out of focus, ...

A mix, updated and personal work, in a different country, between the mexican journey of Bernard Plossu and the American of Robert Frank. I know I'm not afraid of the comparisons but these two were already part of my references long before I set my feet, and the rest there. They have fed my photographic writing long before my first trip.






It is an attempt to affect the Cuban soul (oh the big word) without loosing myself, it's one "who am I" in another area of our planet.

It's the not fear of our own presence, it's the anti "I'm invisible" behind my Leica (I do no have this) or telephoto lens.

This is an informative oscillating between informative prose and poetry of the unspeakable.

It is the not-search for the beauty, even if we sometimes affect him, but rather of the truth, the authentic.




It is human contact, even when I didn't speak Spanish, it's the persons that I look at and who look at me.






It is the encounter with the woman who will soon become my wife.






This is ultimately a book (but we are not there yet)

Because before this

I need you ...




Part of this work is to see here   

Or for an overall view




Please note this is a blog, not a site, in other words the final project will be much more condensed, so remember, you can see more than 500 pictures, and the editing is still ongoing ...


Allocation of funds

I am fortunate enough to have a superb Epson Stylus Pro 3800 printer. A beautiful beast that unfortunately not enough to eat.

Today I need you to fill up its bowels with ink and paper.

The full ink set costs about 450 euros.

I also need a lot of paper, A4 for the press-book and read prints, A3 / A2 for exhibition prints, or about 300 euros.

A book for 80 euros.

A batch of acid-free cardboard for 80 euros.

Finally twenty frames for 300 euros.

A total of just over 1200 euros.

To this must be added 8% from KissKissBankBank and we reach nearly 1,300 euros.

All these "about" explain this : first prices vary, and secondly, I give myself some freedom on the final choice of paper or frames according to the later tests.


If the success of this fundraising appeal is such that it exceeds my expectations I allow myself to print a first model of the future book, and to distribute to the most generous of you, while increasing the proposed prints ...

And beyond the wildest dreams: an exhibition there, in San Felipe, the first drop point on the island thanks to my friend Roberto (since deceased), in the Havana area and Alto Songo in the region of Santiago de Cuba.


Good continuation to all

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