The eye of time/Recording session - Piano & Cello drone

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The eye of time/Recording session - Piano & Cello drone

Hello everyone,

I have created this crowdfunding to have a financial support on recording, mixing and mastering my new acoustic record made of piano and cello. This approach to you makes me very uncomfortable, but I have no choice. Being an artist today is difficult, and besides the records, tours and shows all around the world, and the indefectible support of my label Denovali, I'm out of money to keep my music alive.

My music equipments is getting older, and I can't replace it. I used to play my entire life on cheap instruments, and I barely can record myself the electronic records at home.

If it's still possible to record my electronic records myself at home, it is quite impossible for the acoustic versions. I've worked hard the past 5 years to compose 11 piano songs and 3 cello songs that are good enough for me. You can check 2 of them in the video above. It was obvious for me that I couldn't record them on my cheap piano here, whith one low budget microphone. So I've decided to make it on a very high quality grand piano, that I had the opportunity to play on for free in July, with a help of a sound engineer. I have now 11 piano songs with a very good quality that I'm very proud of.

Now remains only the cello to be done, to finish the record. There will be some piano solo, cello solo and some together aswell. I will need to invest into a cello microphone to make it at home. And most of it, I would like to pay my sound engineer for the great work he already did, and the one coming for mixing and mastering.

I hope your understanding. To all of you, that helped me, supported me, encouraged me to keep playing, and your comments that means the world to me when I was in struggle : thank you so much. I've been so far because there was always someone to tell me to keep going when I wanted to stop.

Marc Euvrie

Allocation of funds

The donations will pay the sound engineer for recording, mixing and mastering. It will also helps to buy a cello microphone. If we get more, it will helps buy a couple of piano microphones, so I will be able in the future to record myself and share with you more easely some news songs.

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