Interested in building your social enterprise ? Don't panic, the hitchhiker's guide to social change helps you in the first critical steps !


The project

The hitchhiker's guide to social change started with JūHū, a social enterprise with the aim of fighting stigmatization of people with disabilities by presenting them as the craftsmen of high quality design objects. A project created in collaboration with Elina Busmane.


Throughout the process of designing JuHu, we realized there were many tools to develop projects when they are well defined, however we had to face a lack of tools and methodology fot the first critical steps of  creating a social initiative.


During my master work in social design at the Design Academy Eindhoven in parallel to the creation of the JūHū project, I have been working on a creative methodology accessible by all to inspire and accompany projects leaders in developing their ideas.


Utilizing tools I have been using while giving workshop on diverse intercultural issues in Europe, originating from diverse methodologies such as "Design Thinking", "Human Centered Design" and personal tools I have developed in collaboration with diverse consultants active in the social innovation field during the project creation phase. This has brought me to deconstruct the process in a series of small and creative steps with as a result of a strong social initiative.


Following this method we have build JūHū, as of today JūHū is impacting the lives of 40 persons living on the edge of the society (suffering from schizophrenia, addictions or after a stay in a psychiatric ward) in two different social structures working in close collaboration with 5 occupational therapists. We are producing two different products designed by talented designers, amongst them the Thérèse cup. In the next months we will open 3 new workshops and produce a total of 5 different objects.


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Are you a changemaker ? would you like to be one ? With this guide, it offers a simple way to build up your own social project.




For changemakers

For creative entrepreneurs

For social entrepreneurs

For the ones who have a dream

For people who want to start a project in their neighborhood

For the person who want to impact the society on a small or large scale






The first steps into a project are the most important ones, thinking of what, how and most importantly why are absolutely critical. We have seen many projects fail because of wrong assumptions or because they missed some key or basic elements within their project. This guide facilitates the creative process and helps you avoid traps or miss important components of your project.





The hitchhikers guide, along with your personal motivation, will take you through a series of specifically designed, fun and creative  exercises. These include everything from “sending yourself a postcard” , “mapping the resources you need” to “Pretending you’re a visitor from another planet and writing a report”. This guide helps you create your own strong an coherent social project step by step while avoiding the traps on the way. It is giving you the keys that will support you in having a positive social impact.







This guide compiles what I have gained, experienced and observed during the last four years in the social innovation field. It has come from my experiences in mentoring various local social initiatives, to starting my own social enterprise, to the knowledge gathered over numerous discussions with other social designers/innovators/entrepreneurs strangers met in the streets or at the detour of a coffee terrace.







To get this tool in the hands of people who want to make a change, and have it widely distributed.


This book contains 140 pages 130x210mm, and  will be printed keeping it environmentally friendly








Latvia Ieva Morica || Program director at SOROS FUNDATION Latvia


Sweden LUSIC, Lund University Social Innovation Center

Canada f.&co is a creativity and collaboration consulting firm

France SoonSoonSoon, spotting new innovations

Latvia Kaņieris, youth center (the guide is used in one of their programs)

France illusion & macadam, support to cultural projects & social innovation




Author The hitchhiker's guide is written and compiled by Charles Bourrier, and couldn't have reached this stage without the help of numerous people including Elina Busmane (co-founder of JuHu), Sandra Jeckabsone (project guru), our JuHu project partnners and numerous partners in the field of social innovation.



French born, raised in Switzerland, graduated from high school in Japan, followed a social design master in the Netherlands, currently living in Latvia where I founded a social enterprise working with Russian schizophrenic patient to help them be better integrated within the Latvian society.



After a Bachelor's degree in product and industrial design at écal, I attended the Design Academy Eindhoven for a master's degree in social design. During my studies I participated in different programs such as Venturelab (business) and SummerSchool, it has broadened my perspectives and provided me with a lot of tools to tackle a project with.



Intercultural trainer for EFIL and intercultur, I gave trainings related to intercultural and social topics in various European countries.

Creative consultant, I worked with companies in various fields from banks to energy companies where I helped setup reflection groups to work on diverse issues.

Social Entrepreneur, I started my own social enterprise called JuHu in Latvia thanks to winning a contest there.

Social designer, after working on diverse projects in the Netherlands and in Belgium I now work with municipalities in Latvia and I am a consultant for non - profit and profit projects. I also worked with groups at risk (kids, disabled people, ... ) in different sociocultural contexts all around Europe.


Every monday between 8-9pm (GMT+2) you have the possibility to chat with me on skype about the hitchhiker's guide. (I might be as well connected at other moments of the week with this account)

my skype id : juhu.charles


Me online


Why fund it?

The money raised through this campaign will serve for:


Proofreading of the book

Finalization of the printing design

Printing of the book

IBAN registration and number

Shipping costs (Europe)

Sending one free copy of the book to diverse social incubators and support structures. Every 6th book will be sent to a institution for free.


GOAL REACHED : Extended goal +500€ = 3000€ : The possibility to get a Latvian version of "The hitchhiker's guide to social change", you can choose in which language you want to receive your copy of the book. The Latvian version has been funded aside from kisskissbankbank, arrangments have been made with different players in the social field in Latvia to make it happen. For administrative and tax reasons it is not possible to transfer the money for the kkbb campaign paperwork is heavy in Latvia.


Extended goal +1500€ = 4000€ : We can print twice as many books as we imagined, allowing us to reach out to more changemakers around the world.


Extended goal +5500€ = 8000€ : An adaptation of the guide as well as an interactive application for mobile devices.

the hitchhiker

I just want to be a nice guy, who thinks he can change the world? As a social designer my role is no longer just «an inventor of things», but a professional who is able to be flexible and solve problems within society, urban space, and economy, using design thinking as a tool to combine empathy, creativity, and rationality. I create and work on systems.

FAQ Questions about the project

+ In what other languages is the book available?

It is available in the following languages:
Latvian (we are in negotiation to make it happen without reaching the extended goal)

We are open to any new translation of the book according to the demand.

+ What does a social designer?

A designer makes things!
A social designer is a designer who makes things happen!

+ How do you work as a social entrepreneur?

The mission is the most important for a social entrepreneur, I use business mechanisms and other design tools to support the mission.

As a social entrepreneur I aim to have a positive impact on the society.
As a social entrepreneur I see business as one of the tools in my arsenal.
As a social entrepreneur I see money as a tool and not as an aim.
As a social entrepreneur people I work for/with are more important than profit.

+ Will you make any profit with this book ?

The funds from the fundraising campaign will serve to cover the costs of editing the English & French versions of the book as well as sending them to the kissbankers.

Any remaining funds will be used to print extra copies to send to diverse structures supporting changemakers in various countries & continents.

Future profit from the book will be use to support the extension of the JuHu network to fight stigmatization of people with disabilities.

+ Is it possible to order more than 10 copies ?

Yes! Please contact me to tell me the quantity you would like to order and in which context they will be used/distributed, this will help us determine the price.

Depending on the quantity you need, it is possible to modify the book cover to include your logo or other informations related to the event or context in which the guide will be used/distributed.

Newest comments

All the best for your project and I am looking forward to the book. With a big hug Silvia
All the best for your project and I am looking forward to the book. With a big hug Silvia
Bon courage pour ce beau projet !