The Jungle - Premier Clip

Help produce Ingrid Ivorra's first music video directed by Tom Chabbat and produced by Arnaud Mathé.

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The Jungle - Premier Clip

Hey, It's me, Ingrid, and I've been writing songs since I received my first guitar at 15. 

I've been performing live since 2013 on small stages in Paris, New York and Los Angeles.





In 2015, I have released "Lost To Be Found", a 6-tracks EP, for which I had already received your help, and thanks to whom I've been able to put it out there.

My next challenge has now arrived : create my first music video for "The Jungle".  




"The Jungle"'s journey started four years ago, when I wrote down the first lines. I didn't really know where I was heading with those little scribbled words, but I knew I had to go through with it.


But since day one, the song issue was talking about injustices, and I felt towards it. Why can't we try to reach out from time to time, love a little more and hate a little less?

This utopia of a better world is what made this song come alive.






I met Tom Chabbat a year ago, and as soon as he shared his ideas for the music video I knew it was what was meant to be done.




Here is his demo reel: 


Allocation of funds

Tom decided he wanted to shoot on film, which costs money, despite of the voluntary crew.

The make-up artist expenses also need to be integrated in the budget, as well as food for the crew during the shooting, transportation fees and accessories.




What if we raised more money ?

We would take that money and pay the technicians. 


You've been here with me on this journey from the beginning. I am where I am because of you, so thank you. <3


The funds raised on this platform will be exclusively used for this project.


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