Need help to finish the song and create a music video "The last part of me", about the migrant crisis that splits the European countries


The project

Hello Everyone, this is my first Kiss Kiss Bank Bank project and I need help to finish the song and create a music video "The last part of me", about the migrant crisis that splits the European countries. 


The main goal is to collect founds for finishing the song (singing, mixing, mastering) and for creating the music video.


Before I tell you more about the project let me introduce myself.


I am a musician  ( singer, songwriter, composer )  and being a violinist and a pianist gives me opportunity to experiment with many genres. Some of my work you can see here:




I am also a member of one of the most popular choir in Serbia and the whole region - Viva Vox. We performed in the United Nations General Assembly and many other significant institutions. Recently we had our biggest concert in Belgrade Arena hall in front of more than 10 thousand people!


Concert in the United Nations General Assembly



Concert in the Belgrade Arena hall



Some of our work you can see here:



Now back to the project:


The current migrant crisis that shakes the whole Europe which I am also part of makes me think about these people and their destiny. So I've got  the inspiration to write the song and create a music video about their situation in order to reach the hearts of those who can help them. We live in a modern society in which somehow we have lost the essential values as a human beings - to help those in need, to be treated equally, not to be greedy and selfish because in the end we could be those on the other side of the fence begging for only one thing…to be free.


"Every man has his own destiny; the only imperative is to follow it, to accept it, no matter where it leads him" Henry Miller








Why fund it?

I was truly inspired to write this song for the people who are faced with a war in their counties and were forced to leave their home hoping to find a better place to live. This action will involve young refugees' talents in creation&producing of this video/voice message, so by founding this project you are helping to raise the awareness of this global problem.


The recording of a song and shooting of a music video will be held in Belgrade (Serbia) in November 2015.


The crowdfunding is going to be used for:  

 * singing, mixing and mastering of the song : 1900€

 * music video: 3165€


For the shooting of a music video we need to rent the following equipment:

 - Camera: 550€

   Red Epic + Lenses


 - Lights: 630€

   Kino flo (4x55) 4x

   Farsing (2x55) 4x

   ARRI 4kw 2x


 - Equipment: 485€

   Camera crane (Proaim 18ft. + tilt head + co-worker)

   Camera drone DJI s-900


 - Production team: 1500€

   (Vladimir Talijan, Bojan Stevanovic & Kan and Lingus production)

   directing, post production, color correction. 


My name is Aleksandar Dimitrijevic artist name (ALEXandR). I was born in Prague, Czech Republic. I started playing violin at the age of 5. I finished simultaneously two high schools, the regular one and for music. A also finished primary school for vocal art. Beside violin I play piano for more than 9 years. As a musician ( singer, songwriter,... See more