The Lobsters - 1st EP Vinyl Production & Recording 2nd EP


Project visual The Lobsters - 1st EP Vinyl Production & Recording 2nd EP
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The Lobsters - 1st EP Vinyl Production & Recording 2nd EP

the lobsters - First EP 4 songs

What we propose here is something concrete: an object that can be passed on from generation to generation. Something real, palpable, the result of a fragment of our lives with their hazards. A work that is the result of a lot of encounters that corresponds to us.

You can listen to a preview of this EP ---> HERE


Today it's up to YOU.

You, the public.

You, who are listening to us

You, who are smiling.

You, with whom we share all these moments.

We already have invested a lot in the recording, mixing and mastering of this first EP. We are now asking for your help.

This crowdfunding campaign will allow us to finance the Vinyl pressing of our EP. Vinyl production remains expensive, especially in small quantities, but once the object in your hands, it is incomparable with digital content that is usually consumed as tissues.

Allocation of funds

We decided to create rewards for donations. Each donation above 20€ allows to pre-order the vinyl. The more you donate, the more you get. The signed vinyl by each member of The Lobsters being the highlight of the top package that you can get ! First pressing is limited to 100 copies, get fast !!!

The idea behind these different packs is first to offer you a nice and personalized content, and secondly to help us by rewarding your investment in the project. Indeed, all the stages of conception, recording, mixing of an Album or an EP as the different stages of production (pressing vinyl production, packaging, shipping) are very expensive !!

All your donations will help us to continue this adventure and to evolve in this musical experience and propose you new pieces, new concerts !!!

We're aiming for 1500 € for this crowdfunding distributed as follows:

KissKiss BankBank fees (8%) 120 €

Vinyl pressing:
-matrix gravure on Lacque 300 €
-galvanization 250 € (it is the famous matrix that will allow the pressing of all the discs afterwards;))
-disc pressing 250 €
-pack printing 250 €
-finitions, packaging and shipping 100 €

In the end, we will have 230 € to start the recordings of the next EP!





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