THE NEWTONS - Operation Rock Tsunami

The rock tsunami operation is on! Climb on board and support the recording of the first EP of the new rock sensation from France...

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THE NEWTONS - Operation Rock Tsunami

THE NEWTONS is the new project created by Mike SACCOMAN (Drums - As De Trefle, Kronos, Como Muertos, Melted Space) and made up of Karl DALLARA (Guitar - Como Muertos), Jules MARTINEZ (Guitar & synth - Dysmorphic), Brice GUILLON (Bass - Rue D'La Soif, Melted Space) and Victor ALLONCLE (Vocals).




For this new start, the band members have retraced their original roots, US and UK influenced rock.


After a year’s hard work on about ten tracks, the band is at long last ready to set about the recording of a burning EP this summer.


Ambitious and strengthened by their previous experience, THE NEWTONS have invested big money with notably a skillful and well-known team which enables to foresee a prospective powerful EP which will undoubtedly wake up French rock music.


The operation “rock tsunami” is launched and YOU can now go all aboard and surf on the coming French rock breaker of THE NEWTONS.


The skipper to serve you:

François Maxime BOUTAULT (producer and director from Liens du son, Paris) who notably produced David HALLYDAY’s first album and used to work too with Behemoth, Dagoba, Julien DORE, Caroline ROSE...


First stopover scheduled in July: recording at berduquet studio in Bordeaux (France), the very place where AS DE TREFLE had already worked for their last album “(pas) comme tout le monde” (not like everybody else).


Then mixing and editing in the Paris area in our skipper’s personal booth and finally super cruise to L.A (USA) for a hard as rock mastering.


Watch out sea men, sound iceberg in sight !

Allocation of funds

Of course a nice metal ship and a devoted and skilled crew cost an arm and a leg! And not only buying crates of rum !


As THE NEWTONS have no intention of going under before the beginning of their voyage, they have bet they could gather enough crew, that is to say YOU to make their dreams come true, to become the first French band to launch a tsunami !!!


So come on, be nice; it’s NOW or NEVER; we have never needed your support more than now. We still have so much to do and we do need more bottles !


Besides through your donation, you will directly support self production, and so will opt for self support and hence cultural freedom.



Recording: €500

Mixing: €1,000

Californian "mastering" cruise: €500


€2,000 in total


Thanks a lot for the support !



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