Delivery of healthy/detox lunchboxes /Juicing cleanses at home, work, beach.. 5 % donation of 1day sales to charity or NGO per month.


The project

Emilie Mc Bride aka Liloucooks offers you a healthy alternative to already made lunches                                                            

                                                              “We are what we eat”.


Nowadays  because of our lifestyles, the change in the environment, we are surrounded by toxins: in our homes, in our food, in the air we breathe.

* The body has its own detoxifying  process, but too many toxins are putting it under too much strain. This is why it is important to help the body to detoxify naturally.

* It is hard not be tempted by high processed and ready-made foods that are displayed all around us.

* We know that most of the chronic diseases today are environmentally induced by the preservatives, chemical agents, pesticides in our food, clothes and homes…


high plant-based diet will help because it is  where the nutrients and the digestive enzymes are kept in their most natural form.






The Nourishing box offers a wide range of packages that will deliver nutrients and revitalising food to your body.


"We can provide you with the solutions that suits you the best: breakfast, lunch, diner, for 1 day, for 1 week, for 1 weekend...."


 Healthy Pack


Rich in fibers and nutrients for a maximum energy and pleasure. 




* Thai coco  and red lentils Soup

* Whole brown rice with seasonal vegetables stir fry with Tamari and black sesame seeds.

* Raw chocolate Bites

* Green Juice: celery; cucumber, spinach, apple, ginger & lime


Detox Pack


Revitalising and alkalines food that will give your body what it needs to thrive.






*Spinach Miso Soup

*Nori Rolls with almond butter and ginger dressing and a rainbow salad. 

*Super energy smoothie


 Juicing Pack


The fastest way to detox your body thanks to delicious cleansing juices.


4 organic fruits and vegetables juices + 1 nut milk per day + Juicing protocol ebook


From 1 day to 7 days program



The Nourishing Box it is also an:


- Ecological commitment (all containers are green and recycable)

We support the local and fair trade economy


- Charitable commitment by paying 5 % of 1 day sales per month to charities or NGO.


We also offer holidays where you can learn to add more plant-based foods to your diet + Yoga + meditation...

visit :


Thank you to our partner SOLSEMILLA for the fantastic products they donate for the rewards!

Why fund it?

The money collected will help us to launch the project.




Flyers + recipes cards + stickers + business cards = 300€


Purchase of containers (glass and Plant Fiber) = 830€


Purchase of cooking equipments:


Pots and pans, food processor, kitchen ustensils = 1070€


=> 2200€


Of course we won't say no to some extra money ;-)


Over 2200€ it will help us to :



- Participate in the rent of a professional lab or let's dream BIG! Opening a café/pick up point!!!!

- Buy a 2nd hand electric scooter for deliveries.


Emilie McBride is a passionate cook and certified Raw and Vegetarian Chef by Radiantly Alive© in Bali. Leader of B.O.D.Y and LilouCooks, her holistic approach to detox ensures safe and optimal natural diets. Her recipes include easy, fresh, and happily delicious organic meals. She defines RAW as living foods full of enzymes and higher nutrient values... See more

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Allez, on aide Emilie à réaliser son projet!
Que ce merveilleux projet puisse voir le jour. Merci Émilie.
C'est une super idée ! Tu devrais vraiment en parler plus sur les réseaux, je l'ai vu par hasard sur un de tes tweets, mais si c'est important pour toi tu devrais vraiment en parler tous les jours...? Bises