The party le jeu de cartes Monstrueux

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The party le jeu de cartes Monstrueux

<p><br /> Family party game for 2 to 4 players from 6 years old</p> <p><strong>Goal of the game</strong>: Have the best atmosphere during your surprise party.</p> <p><strong>Procedure</strong>: each player is dealt 4 cards then, the first player draws a card, plays a card. Then it&#39;s on to the next one!</p> <p><strong>Game over</strong>: The game ends when a player has 5 guests at their party!</p> <p>we then count the points 1 point per guest 2 points for a single guest 1 additional point for a similar guest or a card of the same suit. 1 point less per too cute guest for a monstrous party!</p> <p><strong>Composition of the game</strong>: 4 unique characters 7 characters available in 4 colors 4 different spells to pronounce for them to work :)</p> <p>Yum Yum: The sweets: bring in front of either a character already played by another player.</p> <p>Hocus Pocus: Spells: Turn a guest into a cute little dog or a frog.</p> <p>Splash: the cauldron that makes a guest disappear.</p> <p>Abracadabra: the magic wand giving shape to a transformed guest</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Allocation of funds

<p><br /> Submitting a game in crownfunding is complicated, because there are incompressible costs, such as illustrations or production.For example drawings for this game is near 1000 euros and a little production is near this amount too.Therefor ,to obtain less than 2000 euros is a failure.There is also adverstising costs quite expanssive too.</p> <p>It is for thoses reasons i decides to produce 250 units of this game, and propose it with this plateform.</p>


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The party the card game at home


    The party le jeu de 54 cards with cool illustrations for little monsters size 63/88 mm tuckbox. shipping cost is near 7 euros for european country

    Estimated delivery: October 2021

    2 Times the Game at home


      receive 2 cards games at home near 7 euros for the shipping cost!

      Estimated delivery: October 2021

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