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The Pioneers : surviving desolation

09.24 update: foreigners, if you encounter some issues during the payment process, you can now pre-order the full digital GAMER and EXPLORER packs on Paypal. Please follow the links below. GAMER PACK: EXPLORER PACK: The demo is available. Click on the image below to download. The Pioneers : surviving desolation is a survival/simulation game for PC currently in development. You play as a crew of specialists isolated in a space station and trying to survive the climatic and geological threats of Io, the first moon of Jupiter. Customize your space station, manage your vital resources, explore the surrounding area to strategize and complete your mission. Hello everyone. We are Supercube, a very small and very new French independent studio. For two years now, we have been working on the pre-production of The Pioneers : surviving desolation, our most ambitious project to date. In 2020 The Pioneers : surviving desolation had the chance and the honour to win the Game Cup, "French Cup of independent video game creation" in the category of young studios. It was a great achievement for us in two ways: firstly because it made us feel good (maybe we hadn't left our jobs for nothing) but also because this first place gave us the hope to start financing our project thanks to a partnership with KKBB, and above all thanks to you who are reading these lines. Here you will find as much information as possible to learn more about the game, the team and the approach that drives us today. We hope this will make you want to take an interest in our work, and why not, to become one of the contributors. Each game of The Pioneers : surviving desolation begins with the crash of your approaching ship. Out of your crew of fifteen scientists and engineers, only three randomly selected characters will survive. As a player, you will have to consider these constantly changing starting conditions and adapt to them in order to win. 📷 📷 📷 The Pioneers : surviving desolation is played with an aerial camera and a mouse. We currently estimate that a game should last between 6 and 8 hours, but as with many strategy games, its interest will come mainly from its re-playability. The Pioneers : surviving desolation combines game mechanics from different genres to create an innovative and exciting gaming experience. Gameplay discovery with Dan Field (FR) Thanks to Dan for playing our demo. If you have a Youtube or Twitch channel and want to broadcast a Let's play on your own time, do not hesitate to contact us. 📷 In The Pioneers, the emphasis is on the strong bond between you and the characters you control. Each crew member is unique, valuable and must be preserved at all costs to win the game. Let's discover the first three characters already implemented in the current version of the game. 📷 📷 At the start of your mission, your station consists of a central module housing rudimentary life support system, which you must quickly expand by building new blocks and machines that unlock new actions and strategic options. MAGGIE 📷 This is the nickname the crew has given to the station's arachnomorph construction robot. Housed in a sealed compartment above the central module, Maggie works like a large 3D printer. By consuming materials, she can build her own navigation rails and new customizable habitat blocks. Like any technological system, it can also be temperamental and break down. It will then be necessary to plan a spacewalk and climb to the roof of the station to carry out maintenance. MODULES AND MACHINES The drilling module 📷 As an alternative to manual research of resources, the drilling module allows you to quickly accumulate most of the mineral resources your crew needs to ensure the development of its station. The Space Culture Block 📷 One of the ways to ensure the food subsistence of your crew consists in cultivating directly on the spot, various types of vegetable food. Crew quarters 📷 Essential for survival, this is where your specialists will be able to rest, eat, practice physical activities... BUT ALSO... Command room, medical block, laboratories, vehicle hangar, manufacturing workshops... the game will include about fifteen modules, a hundred different machines and upgrades, as well as dozens of equipment, drones, and robots to build, to offer you an infinite number of strategic possibilities. MANAGE YOUR STATION 📷 In this hostile environment, human life is hanging by a thread. As the person responsible for the survival of your crew, you need to keep a close eye on several indicators: your consumable resources, the tightness of your external bulkheads, the air concentration in the living areas, the temperature... We implement these parameters according to realistic simulation principles: oxygen diffuses, materials heat up, electric current propagates... In this way, The Pioneers aims to provide a real and coherent experience, in which your understanding of the real world can serve you. The fact that The Pioneers is set on Io is no accident. It is indeed difficult to find in our solar system a more capricious and hostile body for human life. Despite the dangers you will have to take risks and explore the surroundings of your station. Your adventure will be even more epic. CHANGE OF SCENERY Thanks to the free camera offered by the game, you will be surprised to contemplate the panoramas of the Jupiterian satellite. Giant volcanoes, gaping faults that shear its sulfurous surface, labyrinthine plateaus where the danger of a boiling and toxic geyser lurks at every turn, Io has not finished marveling you. The diversity of reliefs, climates and visual ambiences is a real playground for our 3D artists who can extrapolate the scientific data at our disposal to imagine various biomes and play areas. 📷 QUESTS, LOOTS, EVENTS... Whether on foot or in a vehicle, the exploration of the surface of Io is full of surprises. Recover cargo stranded during the crash of your ship, perform scientific experiments to advance the story, face unexpected situations that will require you to make sometimes difficult choices. Nourished by a procedural event generation engine, each game is different and has its own dynamics. 📷 GEO-CLIMATIC THREATS The Pioneers is a demanding game, which will probably force you to lose a few times before you win your first game. This is due to an increasing difficulty, which comes to life through a series of increasingly violent threats, which will have direct repercussions on the state of your installations and the health of your characters. 📷 As you may have noticed if you read the page (thank you for your time), The Pioneers is a very ambitious game, that innovates on many aspects of gameplay and involves a huge amount of work. For more than 2 years, we've been investing a lot of our free time to build a prototype and then a demo. More motivated than ever by our 1st place during The 2020's Game Cup, with all the good feedback, we are now sure that The Pioneers has the potential to become a great game. Our purpose now is to spend 150% of our worktime on the dev, by gathering enough funds to start production phase. We need you now! To achieve this roadmap and reach our goals in terms of quality, we need to raise €1.500.000. We will count on several streams of revenue: personal fundings public grants early access sales from 2022 to 2023 and of course, the crowdfunding campaign you are about to join ;) Whatever the future brings, we will ship the game, but this campaign is a very important step for us. The more money we raise, the stronger we are to start negociation with financial partners. So if you are thrilled by The Pioneers, pre-order now by claiming one of the exclusive packs. Backing us now: pre-order the game and have the best price for it. Pretty cool isn't it? claim amazing perks, only available here help us reaching higher goals in terms of game quality and execution (follow the extended goals) give us the energy and the motivation we need to reach the sky... The last point is maybe the most important. Whatever the outcome of this campaign is, we really hope you'll like our game and you'll want to support it in any way. If you are not interested in buying a Steam key or if the price is too high for you, it is possible to donate a small amount of money to support the development. Each euro counts! Some rewards shall be subject to modification if there is not enough orders to guarantee a good price. In this case, we will contact you to let you choose between another reward or a refund. Reward's pictures are for illustration purposes only and not contract-binding. After the campaign, we will take the time we need to craft the best designs we can. Foreigners, if you encounter some issues during the payment process, please use those Paypal links to complete your order (digital packs only). GAMER PACK : EXPLORER PACK : The following packs are in unlimited quantity The following packs are in limited quantity All rewards Our team is composed of about ten collaborators and several recurrent or punctual supports. In case of success of the campaign, we will also be able to complete our staff by recruiting on the technical positions that we are currently lacking the most. David - Sound designer Compose, record, integrate and develop. What more could you ask for? Gwenaël - Technical artist Don’t you know what a shader is? He does. Johany - Composer He is the poet of the team. Kevin - 3D artist He has the productivity of a 50-person studio all by himself. Lucien - Animator The Swiss army knife that all indie teams need. Ngân - Technical artist Queen of LODs. Pierre - VFX artist At first, he could only make sparks, now he can also make smoke. Romain - CEO As he sleeps an average of 10 minutes a night, he can do a lot of things at the same time. Thomas - Community Manager Geek level 100. Victor - UX & Game Design Project Manager We thank the CNAM ENJMIN for having trained its students so well. Thanks to Victor everything is square! Xavier - CTO/Lead dev He made simulators for the army so I can tell you that in video games.... pfff easy! William - 3D/lighting artist With two or three lights and a little magic, he transforms a cellar into a luxury hotel. And of course, all the developers and technicians who help us or have helped us at some point in the project: Jérémy, Julien, Emma, Guillaume, Vincent, Nicolas, and many others. A huge thanks to our dream team of ambassadors, who accompanies us in hard times and helps us to make the game known throughout the galaxy! You sweethearts :) 📷 Supercube is the name of the company we have created to host The Pioneers project and manage its development Our vision is clear, and we have written it into the statutes of our company to become a "mission-driven" company: Our vision is clear, and we have written it into our company's articles of association in order to become a "mission-driven" company: to create playful experiences that fulfil the individual while respecting the social and environmental issues of the time. The company is committed to putting in place the processes and tools necessary for its constant improvement along three dimensions of responsibility: 1. Managerial responsibility : To work towards the well-being of its employees by encouraging the development of skills and the sharing of information, autonomy and a culture of results, empathy, and managerial sincerity. 2. Commercial responsibility : To put innovation, depth, and quality of use of its content above profitability. To be ethical in the definition of its business models. 3. Environmental liabilities : To limit the impact of its activities on the planet through appropriate organizational and technological choices If you are a streamer, youtuber, content creator, do not hesitate to contact us in order to partner. Even if you have a small comminuty, we will take the time you need to discuss and organize something cool. We hope that this page contains enought information for you to have a good idea of who we are and what we are doing, but we can keep discussing on our Discord channel or in the comment section of this page. Thank you very much for your time and attention. See you soon. Bonus... The Pioneers went through three protyping phases. Before being a video game, the concept has been tested in real life during a LARP (Live Action Role Playing game) gathering 70 players. 📷 For one day, we set our space station in a nightclub, crafted some decors, machines and softwares and wrote a sci-fi script meant to be played by actors, game masters and players. 📷 Then we prototyped the gameplay through a rpg/board game. It gave us a lot of insights regarding what is fun to do in our game and what is not. This 8h board game experience seduced our community members. They were harrassing us to play over and over again ;) So we decided to offer you the opportunity to participate yourself (maybe we will publish it someday). Some packs on this page include a participation to a full experience of our board game. Here are some details: coop game for 4 players + 1 game master from Supercube team attention, backing a pack offers you only one seat you must speak french or english to participate, do not back the board game packs if you are not fluent in one of those two languages sessions will be organized during the first term of 2022, we will check your availability together each game last for 8h and is managed by a trained game master for obvious reasons, the game sessions will be played online. You have to get a good Internet connexion, a Discord account and a microphone to participate. Finally, here is a short excerpt of a IRL session, shot in august 2021. (audio is in french, but you can toggle english subtitles). We hope that the ambient will hype you!

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