The Pyramid !

The artists and residents of the Pyramid need you to continue creating this winter!

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The Pyramid !



RapaNui, a NPO in Brussels, is designed to provide a roof and a local designers and artists in abandoned buildings.


After conquering the hearts of the people of Brussels and other European travelers with Byrrh, we are now legal occupants of a pyramid-shaped building with incredible potential : The Pyramid !   For nearly 20 years, this  pyramid-shaped building housed the platform for RTL-TVI.


With its  unconventional dimensions and original architecture, we wish to use it as a landscape for creation, expression and sharing between non-profits, artists and designers of all disciplines.











Already partially restored thanks to our modest internal resources to "oil of elbow", the tip and the mischievousness, our pyramid back to life. But there are some huge and essential works to accomplish: abandoned since 7 years and a part-time fire victim, disconnected from the electricity network, the pyramid also suffers from design flaws. We are facing many challenges to continue to welcome artists and workshops during the cold of winter. With your help, everything is possible.







FEBRUARY 2015 | Propaganza - Urban & Live Painting



MAY 2015 | KunstenFestivalDesArts - Roméo Castellucci



MAY 2015 : Collectif Fujinn - Open Orchestra


SEPTEMBER 2015 |  Tour de Samme - Annual festival



SEPTEMBER 2015 | Radio Vibration FM - Zone inconnue (livestream)




- Not to mention the owner of the premises, CityDev without whom none of this would be possible!


- As well as UGC Belgique and production of Panique au Village who helped us to equip the amphitheatre and projector.







We welcome artists, designers, creators, inventors and researchers from all disciplines in their  artistic, social or citizen development. For the season or in transient  residence, whether in the light of day in our home or in our underground  halls, they take advantage of our spaces and resources to flourish in their discipline. Alongside them, we build creative synergies that only their cohabitation renders possible, by supporting the development of projects and sharing a network of varied skills.







Enrolled  in a continuing education process, RapaNui NPO welcomes the inquisitive of all ages wishing to thrive in learning an art or  technique. With initiations, trainings,  classes and workshops related to residents' activities, we invite the  public to discover their own talents : leatherware, cooking, urban gardening, video editing, skateboarding, improvisation, juggling, street art, special effects makeup, DJing,  yoga -- among other  disciplines -- are offered in beginner or advanced levels.









The programme in RapaNui is based on desires: we welcome projects that stir our curiosity and carry our support. At the heart of this place of evolving and sparkling production, we open the field of possibilities by creating a convergence between creative and educational arts, techniques and disciplines, which a colourful programme reveals over the weeks.







Finally, we share our resources in spaces, means and skills with the non-profit sector in the Brussels-Capital Region ... as well as beyond. The programme in RapaNui is based on desires: we welcome projects that stir our curiosity and carry our support.    Benefiting  from enchanting spaces, including an acoustic cabaret and an  amphitheater with 200 seats, this programme offers many facets : theater, conferences, exhibitions, performances, concerts, screenings,  temporary restaurants, parties and more...









Through public residences and workshops, we offer broad possibilities to meet with artists, non-profits, problem solvers, social and solidarity entrepreneurs ...





Alegra Geller - video mapping | Ambroise Hébert - plasticien | Antoinette - apicultrice | Arthur Oudin - concepteur lumière | Bart RampelbergByrrh & Skate | Basile Beauvois - Citizen Motion | Benjamin Richard-Foy - VJing | Boris  - plasticien | Brice Deloose - musicien | Céline Atoniucci - conteuse | Charley Case - plasticien | Christophe Vanheuverzwijn - réalisateur | Circusman Alexis - circassien | Cronnimytra C.C.T. - musicien | Corentin Speltens - Collectif Mute | Daniel Wagener - Atelier 35 | David Demazy - plasticien | David Montagne - concepteur lumière | Filo Luna - Hypnothérapeute & Coach | Ghyom Le Meunier - musicien | Guillaume Vanvyve - plasticien | Ich - musicien | Jacques Mairle - scénariste | Jean-Loup Decoster - réalisateur | Jean-Pierre Mels et les Tambours du Burundi Ikiyago Legacy - percussionistes | Jean-Robert Fornier - menuisier | Jérôme Ugille - plasticien | Jon - Collectif Mute | Julien Tilloy - Propaganza | Kash - réalisateur 360° | Kathy V. - espace bien-être | Laly De Gendt - espace bien-être | Laurence Ghysels - maroquinerie | Lionel Aghori - musicien | Lola Hella - chanteuse | Mathias Duché - circassien | Mathias Ruttens - Citizen Motion | Maxence Finet - peintre & chanteur | Maya Kaszer - plasticienne | Mohamed-François - producteur & opérateur son | Moogly - opérateur son & dj | Nim - Atelier 35 | Olivier Demazy - light painting | Olivier Jamoulle - cirque | Paul Bossu - improvisateur | Paulo Canaveras Diaz - Collectif Bass | Pedro Mozkatt - Elektromagnetik | Phil IpixWillow concept | Capitaine Plum - tatoueuse | Quentin HashashinElektromagnetik | Rémy Chapaux - designer | Ryko Gridy CosmElektromagnetik | Sandrine Pelletier - sculptrice | Soom Aski - maquilleur FX | Souleiman Bacar - musicien | Sybia - chanteuse | Sylvain Dufayard - réalisateur | Théo Brisset - décorateur | Tomazo de la Belga - Collectif Mute | Tom De Gendt - Collectif Bass | Toma Wa - plasticien | Vincent Colette - soudeur | Yan Pierre le Luyer - réalisateur | Youssef AbaoudByrrh & Skate.





FEBRUARY 2015 (FR) : Télé Bruxelles.



MARCH 2015 (Nl/FR) | TV Brussel


MEI 2015 | Student Webdoc (FR) : reportage d'ambiance



Allocation of funds



We want to welcome the artisitic community and civic life, those who have a creative project to achieve, as well as our audience, in the best conditions throughout the cold season.





Winter is coming and the heating of the pyramid system is out of service. To not reduce our activities and undermine our project we must find a way to heat it. We must therefore undertake some work and very rapidly acquire guns heat blowers, intended for our areas of production. We need your help with the purchase of the equipment.


On the other hand, face the exorbitant cost of a new connection to the network of our cabin high voltage (> 50,000 €), we are connected to a large power generator. To grant a respite to our planet, we want to invest in batteries to store electricity generated at a loss during the day. We could then eat it during night hours.






We want also install LED lighting in the endless corridors and stairwells for safety and to reduce our consumption.






Médecins sans Frontières has helped us to initiate this transition to a stand-alone energy making us donation of material reform of electricity storage. They offered us the basis for us to go further.  





By 2015, developing such places is not that a pleasure, it is a civic duty. Tomorrow is forged today and we sincerely hope to make it happier. Then try to invent solutions together with strength and conviction. Get in the game, we invite and - promised - it will be beautiful and create awakening, smiles, of knowledge, of sharing and intelligence.


Thank you that have read us. Many thanks also to all those who help us daily in a thousand ways and participate in this project by offering their enthusiasm. Finally and above all, a huge thank to you who will support us for we allow to continue to live our project in the interest of all those who benefit from his generosity.


Sincerly yours !


The RapaNui Team

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