New target : 2000€ !!!"The Seeds We Grow" - Theo Kaiser's debut album !

New target : 2000€ !!! Help Theo to release his first solo album !

Project visual New target : 2000€ !!!"The Seeds We Grow" - Theo Kaiser's debut album !
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New target : 2000€ !!!"The Seeds We Grow" - Theo Kaiser's debut album !

I am releasing my first solo guitar album which is called “The seeds we grow”. The very talented french cellist Guillaume Latil joined me on a couple of songs on this album. The music is recorded, mixed and mastered, but I still need to purchase licenses, make CDs, and promote. I hope you’ll look over some of the perks and consider being a part of the ride.



!!! RELEASE PARTY !!! The release party will take place on the 17th of January 2020 at the "Café de Paris" in Tourcoing !!



NEW VIDEO !!! Live session at LDC Studio 



I am an acoustic guitarist and trumpet player based in Lille, France. I’ve recorded others albums with other bands, but this one will be my first solo record, and it will be mostly original tunes on it. 

This project is called « Earth », and it’s dedicated to Nature and Childhood. « Earth » was born as I started to play melodies to get my baby-son asleep (unfortunately, it didn’t work !). At the same time, a refugee camp had just moved into the school that was just in front of my apartment. It was a time of emotional turmoil for me, and I was thinking a lot about how humans act between each-other. 

My thought was : We, humans, should develop the emotion about the fact that we are, with plants and trees, and everything that is in movement on Earth, a whole.

And this is what I tried to inject in my music, as I was playing for this baby who represented for me the most beautiful proof of this magical creativity of which the living is able.


In June 2017, I invited the french cellist Guillaume Latil to record one of my compositions called « The Seed ». Guillaume is one of the most active cellist on the french scene. Although we didn’t had a lot of time to rehearse, it remains a very beautiful musical experience. So I decided to invite him again as a guest on this album.


I like to think I’m exploring areas between folk, jazz and traditional music through modern fingerstyle technics.


« The seeds we grow » will be out on Dec 2nd.


I hope you’ll look over the incentives, and consider being a part of the ride. And maybe sharing this page with friends as well.  Thank you for your time and consideration.





Allocation of funds

The funds raised will cover the following costs :


    Licence : 500€

    CDs making : 800€

    promotion on the internet: 80€

    mail fees : 184€

     Kisskissbankbank (8%) : 136€


     TOTAL : 1700€


If the target is reached, the extra money will be used to cover the investments I made for the studio session, the videos and the production costs, which represents more than 3000€.


Thank you so much for your support !



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