COVID-FAKE-STORY - Ou l'épopée du virus à travers l'Histoire de l'Humanité

We transcend, thanks to you, fear for laughter. And we reveal the incredible epic of the virus through the history of Humanity.

Project visual COVID-FAKE-STORY - Ou l'épopée du virus à travers l'Histoire de l'Humanité
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COVID-FAKE-STORY - Ou l'épopée du virus à travers l'Histoire de l'Humanité


"COVID-FAKE-STORY" in a few words

 An unusual and extravagant docu-series that offers a new view of the history of humanity, through the pandemics that have marked it. Or how the Great Wall of China is explained by the will to protect itself from Covid 01 or the inclination of the Tower of Pisa due to the arrival of Covid 03 in Italy...

An attempt to look at our present with a fresh point of view. Through an absurd, surreal and curiously documented look, transcending the fear generated by this moment that we are going through with laughter, replacing nervous attacks with fits of laughter ...

An original and innovative exercise that, based on real, historical and fictional documents and archives, offers us a new perspective - absurd, surreal and sometimes surprisingly coherent - about this Covid crisis.


So far, 3 episodes have been published on YouTube:

• - Episode 1: The appearance of Covid 01 in China

• - Episode 2: How did Covid 03 reach Europe?

• - Episode 3: How Covid 04 allows a new reading of Leonardo da Vinci's work

Creator and Genesis of the project

Didier Maes - The projects carried out with Teatro del Alambre have led me to create my own universes that obey to their own laws. In 2016, The Wind Tamer; in 2020 the Ark of Neo.

With the pandemic, I have decided to create short audiovisual sketches for my YouTube channel. After, an idea came up. Why not create a kind of conference / documentary / series, in a humorous tone, using real and fictional information, proposing a new look at the history of humanity through Covid.

Absurd, right? In a very homemade way, I have created two episodes (learning rudimentary edition along the way) published in April and May 2020. And now I just released episode 3: how the work of the great Leonardo da Vinci was impacted by Covid.

Other episodes are already planned. And this fund raise would allow me to dedicate more to it!

The Project in detail

 With a singular, absurd and sometimes surprisingly plausible look, these sketches tell the story of the virus from Covid 01 to Covid 19. 

In a humorous way it tries to reduce the distressing burden of current reality due to the health crisis. The alternation of real information (historical archives and images from the news) with fictional elements (images from movies, series or cartoons) guarantees that it does not resemble a new conspiracy theory. However, using the same tools as Fake News, each chapter teaches the ease with which information can be used and manipulated to construct a pseudo-theory.



Making episode 4, "The Da Vinci Covid" which deals with Da Vinci's problems during the realization of the Last Supper.

Date of realization and publication - May 2021


Episode 5 "Vinci Leaks" will present Leonardo da Vinci as the first filterer in history - like Edward Snowden or Julian Assange- analyzing how the Renaissance master tried by his work to warn us of the dangers of Covid.

Date of realization and publication - June 2021


 Episode 6 features the expansion of Covid in France and the protection measures taken into effect at that time.

Date of realization and publication - August 2021

From episode 4, the following ones will be based on the success of the co-financing campaign. For each 2000-2500€ collected, a new episode will be created.

Allocation of funds

The fundraising will allow me to be more autonomous and professional (at the moment I am borrowing the equipment from friends), as well as being paid for my work of editing, writing, etc.

 With a budget of 2,500€, spent in the following:

 • Material: Purchase of a camera (650€), sound equipment (120€), screen for video edition (150€) + memory card (30€) + green chroma (50€), LED lights (200€ ). 

Total: +/- 1200€

 • Remuneration for work / wages: +/- 800€

 • Counterpart expenses: 250€

• Kisskissbankbank commission: 220€

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