Théâtre Transformations au Festival Fringe d'Edimbourg !!!

The Company Theatre Transformations is going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2014!

Project visual Théâtre Transformations au Festival Fringe d'Edimbourg !!!
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Théâtre Transformations au Festival Fringe d'Edimbourg !!!

Project Presentation


Oye! Oye! ladies and gentlemen, buddies, friends, best mates, family, lovers of the performing arts, the anonymous and all others…


We are going to Edinburgh from the 2nd to the 23rd of August 2014 to present 2 shows Betty Oops and The Mitten.


The set is ready, the suitcases... not quite, we’re filled to the brim with the willingness and energy to succeed, but as for the budget... Ouch!


Our money well is starting to fill…but we still need a little help from you so if you like the project  your contributions large and small will allow us to fulfill all of our plans. This adventure holds a special place in our hearts because it is a strong artistic and human experience with important implications for the future of the company!









The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 


Presenting a play at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Off is a great way to promote our work. It will allow us to present our new work, to meet programmers and audience members. We need to engage with theatre producers and tour managers in order to ensure future tours.




Then why the Edinburgh Fringe Festival?


Each year, visitors from the four corners of the world arrive in Edinburgh to spend three exciting weeks watching the best international performances of opera, music, theatre and dance in the context of the International Festival and they also discover the work of emerging companies in the context of the Festival Fringe.

The Sunday Times newspaper described it as a "real melting pot of artistic excellence" The Scotsman describes it as the 'flagship of Scotland »  "Wonderful and indispensable... to lovers of culture who came from the end of the world" adds the Metro.


The international dimension of the festival is important for the Theatre Transformations; Tracey boot originally from Scotland and now based in France, produces performances in french and English and plays in France and also in Canada, Britain and other foreign countries.


The shows presented at the Festival: Betty Oops and the Mitten



Betty Oops, created in 2013, Contemporary mask and music


Audiences : for adultes and young people (10 yrs+)

Running time :  50 minutes





Show description

Betty is a nervous but endearing young woman. She likes the simple pleasures of life. But now her new job starts to disrupt her safe and known universe. How will she juggle her amusements and her responsibilities? This show combines full-face mask, live music, text and mime. It’s humorous, poetic, and above all it exudes visual strength.


Betty knits. It’s her favourite pleasure. She knits, she makes mistakes, she drops stitches and she gets wrapped up in her wool ... oh what a tangled web she weaves! How like life, when we’re faced with choices, and don’t know which is the right one for our family and ourselves. 


Creative Team

Director, mask creator and actor : Tracey Boot

Music and actor  : Hélène Lenoir

Assistant director  : Haïm Isaac

Lighting and crew : Gilles Viret & Laurent Evêque

Set design : Tracey Boot & Gilles Viret





The Mitten, a musical story

For Family audiences (3 yrs+)

Running time 50 minutes ( 30min. show + 20min. of mask play with the audience) 





The story 


"it is a cold winters day, a mitten has been lost in the snow...

"Lost, but not for long as the frozen animals of the forest gather to share this little refuge".

The animals talk about the difficulties they encounter, the severity of the winter, their snowy forest... One after another, discovering the mitten, they experience sharing, tolerance and especially solidarity.  


Creative Team

Director and mask maker : Tracey Boot

Text, music and actor  : Hélène Lenoir

Lighting and crew : Gilles Viret 

Set design : Geneviève Joannin

Illustration of the Mitten : Sandrine le Brun Bonhomme


Our travelling Artists 


Tracey Boot, the founder of the company, is the main character in Betty Oops.




Hélène Lenoir, actress, performs in both  Betty Oops and the Mitten.




Gilles Viret, technicien for both shows




Delphine Zavitnik,  production and communication manager





This adventure holds a special place in our hearts because it is strong artistic and human experience with important implications for the future of the company!


We invite you to follow our news!

You will find all the details on our expedition to Edinburgh, with photos, videos... behind the scenes and even moments of relaxation in the Scottish pubs!


Again thank you all and see you soon on the other side the channel!





Allocation of funds

To participate in this international festival, we face the following expenses:


- rental of a performing space for 3 weeks at the Greenside Venue in Edinburgh 

- Transport of the set

- artists and the technician wages

- wages of the Press Secretary and the production manager

- media (leaflets, posters and other)

- costs of transportation, accommodation and meals


the overall budget of expenditure is  : 18400€


we are missing 4000€ without which the project is not viable


Thanks again for all of your help.

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