ThinkTwice magazine n°2

To print the 2nd issue of our eco-friendly magazine, we need you : how do you want to improve the planet?

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ThinkTwice magazine n°2

As an art director who is very aware of the environmental problems for a very long time and as a mother of two kids, I’ve created a magazine to try to get people to change their minds and be more eco friendly in the way they consume. Everyone can make an impact with their choice, there are a a lot of innovating brands.



Through engaging themes, THINK TWICE magazine wants to value the engagement of brands in favor of sustainable growth, the respect for the environment, humans and animals alike. THINK TWICE doesn’t have as a mission to condemn brands that aren’t moving with the times. On the contrary, it wants to highlight every advance, even if it’s small, of young creators or big brands, to inspire future generations, to propose new solutions, to sustain new initiatives. 




10 people work regularly for the magazine and wish to highlight the advances of young creators and big brands. Our mission is to inspire everyone to contribute their best to this worldwide initiative and new era of development to protect future generations. For that we invite photographers, artists, personalities and creator as well as those acting for sustainable development to exchange ideas and form discussions or photographic pieces.

On the first issue we discussed themes like sustainable fashion, the vintage philosophy, the sharing economy, new primary materials and our carbon footprint.

There were conversations with Spencer Phipps, Jean-Pierre Blanc, La bouche rouge, Courbet, Who cares, Eco-Age, Lablaco, Panoply, as well as influencers. 

Collaborators: Amit, Arno Frugier, Charles Helleu, David Vasiljevic, Jai Odell, Joseph Molines, Kate Jackling, Michael Bodiam, Pau Avia, Romain Laprade, Thomas Lélu.



The format is 23 x 30 cm, the magazine weights 640g with a soft cover without and lacquer so it can be easily recycled. In between the covers there are 124 pages written in English with a goal of international understanding. Its printed in a KIWI residue paper there are 12 pages of translations in Italian and french. The magazine is 18€ in magazine shops listed in our website ( and with our international distributer (


To be consistent, the magazine is printed with vegetable inks on a hight quality recycled paper and send with eco-friendly envelopes. We have chosen to work with a printer specialised in the edition beautiful book to dismantle the myth that recycled things cannot be beautiful.



To highlight the job of our paper supplier Favini, we also printer A3 posters in a paper made out of agrofood waste. We used the grape residue paper. With its back-to-back design, this poster is reminiscent of the printers' macules, the black is deep, the texture soft.



We invited young activists to talk about climate strike during the 15th march and the astrophysicist Aurelien Barrau to share his ideas for a greener world. The designer Ronald van der Kemp had a discussion with the exciting influencer Candela Pelizza and Fiona Dieffenbacher, fashion professor at the visionary fashion school Parsons. Galeries Lafayette spoke to us about the new movement Go for Good, Fairly Made exposed their mission for a better traceability of their primary textiles and counselled us on choices and alternatives. Julie de Libran, ex-designer at Sonia Rykiel exchanged her ideas for a more sustainable world with Christine D’ornano, owner of the brand Sisley, who is very invested in sustainable energy. Victoire de Taillac expressed her engagement to the planet through her brand Buly. The jeweller JEM spoke to us about their recycled gold and they synthetic diamonds and the positive impact on mining and the planet. We met the founder of 1.618, from a community of sustainable brands in the luxury world. Artists Charles Petillon and Patricia Schwoerer showed a personal view of today’s world and shared it through images.


We wish to send the second issue of the magazine to print at the end of March to be able to launch  the magazine in April. For that we need the last articles and the last photos. We are working on the translations to French and Italian.





Allocation of funds

As we wish to stay independent, we do not have any advertising and in fact, the first issue was self-financed, through our own means and another collect. With this support, we want to continue on this voice. To print the second issue, we need you : how do you want to improve the planet?


The printing costs are 7900€. Thanks to some sponsors we managed to raise the amount of  5100€ so we are only missing 2800€. In this economic scheme the creator has taken it upon herself to diffusion, the translation and editing.  If the collect is raised to 3800€ then we can cover the diffusion costs which are 1000€ for the second issue. If the collect surpasses 4000€ we could invest in the third issue which we hope to launch in October 2019. It will also help us be able to help financially the future collaborator in their photographic production costs.

Some of the graciously work for the magazine from issue one and we would love to thanks them!

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