Help Too Many Monkeys bring sunshine to the UK on their first international tour!


The project

This is what happens when you mix a tall noisy English woman with a tolerant French man.


We met each other in a jam session in January 2014.


We write our own songs which are influenced by many genres - a harmonising, beat-boxing nu-soul mash-up. We use a loop pedal to layer our instruments and voices, creating an orchestra of sounds.

"The songs are written from the heart and come from all shades of the soul".




We have been rocking the Lyon music scene for a year now and have also been playing all over France.


Our dream is to go international, and our first step is to head for the motherland and bring our songs to the UK! After being invited to play in Standon Calling Festival this summer we also have dates planned in Bristol, Brighton and Lille.


Up until now, we have worked hard and put a lot of effort into funding our project: all the money we have made from gigs and CD sales has been invested straight back into music production and videos.


The Tour (10 days):


We will set off this August, taking with us a sound engineer and a camerawoman who will film all of the best parts of our tour, as well as the gigs (we will make a short film from this footage, upon our return).


We've been invited to play at Standon Calling Festival, and we also have gigs planned in Lille, Brighton and Bristol.


Please watch our promotional video and have a good listen to our songs. We're counting on you to get us accross the channel.


Thank you for watching!




Why fund it?

Despite saving up for the tour, unfortunately we are not able to cover the costs. We will need  a bit extra for transport and accommodation for 2 nights. Here is a break down:


Petrol : 250 euros

Toll roads : 110 euro

Return Ferry ticket : 125 euros

Accommodation : 215 euros


We are planning to record a full album in a studio this September.


If the donations that we receive go beyond our goal, we will put the remaining sum towards this future project!

Too Many Monkeys

Amy Winter started off by playing classical piano and violin at a young age and then she discovered the guitar and began to sing and write her own songs. She recorded several tracks with an Italian rock band in Venice in 2011 and performed solo concerts in Lyon, Venice and London. Pierre is a multitalented musician who plays in 3 other musical... See more

Newest comments

Excellente tournée ! Et n'oubliez pas de revenir vite, s'il vous plaît ! :)
Formidable rencontre avec Amy lors d'un covoit'. Je vous souhaite de profiter a fond de votre tournée pour vous éclater et développer votre réseau pour créer de nouvelles chansons !
Très chouette la vidéo et votre musique. Je vous souhaite plein de succès en Angleterre ! Bisous ma "petite" Amy xx Clara, Tom & Carmen