Tour des Reines - journée mondiale de la femme

The Small Queen, french nickname for a bike, is symbol of liberty, independence and emancipation.

Project visual Tour des Reines - journée mondiale de la femme
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Tour des Reines - journée mondiale de la femme

Encourage the Queens Tour on International Women's Day!  In early days queens promoted the bike and  this thursday 8 March 2018 – International Womensday  –  8 exemplary women in Bike Mobility between Amsterdam and Kampala, will meet up in Chalon-sur-Saône Burgundy France to promote daily biking in countries with less than 10%. We-share and co-création NGO Event. Sustainable mobility for all !  

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This crowdfunding will serve to pay the journey of Amanda NGABIRANO between Entebbe Ouganda and Lyon, France on March 6th. Amanda is a "Reine de la Bicyclette 2018" for commuting on a folding bike in the streets of Kampala. The enormous work she does as a public speaker, urbanist and representing Africa on the World Cycling Alliance heading for 10% daily biking in 2030. Amanda, You ROCK!                                  


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