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For a couple years, questions about French Identity have been nursing debates and infiltrating our daily lives.





We want to understand better how this identity is constructed and we believe this quest to be important in our education, we have decided to depart for a world tour to apprehend what constitutes identities of different populations, with different social and geographical situations.




If the French grow up alongside the notion of « Nation, » what does it mean? How do countries build their own identities while parts of their population are politically marginalized, socially oppressed or geographically isolated?

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In order to understand better the notion of identity in different areas, we decided to travel around the world and get to interview people concerned by the issue.





We have created our own association, called Terre d'Identités, which purpose is to understand the role of identities in different parts of our world.




Our project does not intend to cover every aspect of the large theme we are tackling. We are seeking to put up together an eclectic picture answering our questions, with testimonies of professionals in these areas of members of marginalized communities.      







We are focused on themes, which are, according to us, constitutive of identities (even if they are don’t fully define it).

These themes correspond to six different and cross-sectional questions:  

1.     Disappearing languages  

2.     Focus on land and populations’ expropriation  

3.     The danger of the museum making of indigenous populations  

4.     The place of art and culture in indigenous communities  

5.     The role of geographic isolation in the construction of identities  

6.     The place of religious and ethnical minorities in a country





During our 5-months trip, we are going to interview geographically isolated or politically marginalized peoples. 


We are also going to interview people that are interested in the issue, such as members of associations that fight for peoples' rights, university teachers, politicians and decision-makers





The final goal of the these interviews is to MAKE A DOCUMENTARY with the testimonies we are going to gather.




WE CHOSE OUR ITINERARY so that it is relevant with the project. Here it is:








- BRAZIL: We are first going in Mato Grosso do Sul in Dourados, a city that is close to Paraguay. We are going to meet Guarani-Kaiowá peoples, an indigenous people that spreads in five countries (Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia and Argentina) and encounters discriminations problems and struggle to get their voices heard. In Rio and São-Paulo, we are going to talk with university professors that will tell us about the Guarani language that is less and less spoken


- URUGUAY : In Uruguay, we are going to meet a person who is passionate about the issue of Uruguayan Guaranis, who are in minority. 


- ARGENTINE : In Buenos Aires, we are going to interview a former teacher and philosopher that has dedicated all her life to Guarani peoples.






- NEW-ZELAND : In Nouvelle-Zeland, we are going to spend a few days in a Maori family. 


- NEW-CALEDONIA : We are going to spend a week on a Kanak Island, where we'd like to understand better the relationship between these peoples and continental France. 


- VANUATU : In Vanuatu, there are more than 150 languages for 250 000 inhabitants - the denser concentration of languages in the world!  We'd like to meet speakers of a disappearing language. IF YOU KNOW ANYONE, YOU CAN ALSO HELP - and you'll have tons of postcards even if you haven't participated to the crowdfunding campaign.


- AUSTRALIA : We'd like to meet someone who works in a tourism company that offers "tours" to see indigenous peoples the same way you visit a zoo! If you know such companies, please message us. 





- PHILIPPINES: In that archipelago, each island has its own identity and its inhabitants don't recognise themselves in a country in which national identity seems to be an artificial concept. 





- MYANMAR : The country has very recently been freed from its military forces. We would therefore like to meet youngsters, politicians and decision makers. SAME, IF YOU HAVE ANY CONTACTS PLEASE HELP. We would also like to know more about Rohingyas  a muslim minority that is persecuted in the country and often emigrates to Bangladesh. 


- BANGLADESH : There are a lot of isolated communities in the country that we would like to meet. If possible, we would like to know more on the situation of Rohingyas that have managed to reach the country. 


- NEPAL: We are going to spend two weeks in the small camp of Rigaon, thanks to the Association Culturelle Franco-Népalaise (French-Nepalese cultural association). The village is located in a mountain at 1600 meters in height. The community, like many others in the country, lives isolated. 





- OMAN : In Oman, as in many other countries in the Middle-East, the fast-growing economy is mainly concentrated in big cities that have a global (yet muslim) identity. We'd like to know how it's like to live in a city such as Muscat. On margins of this crazy growth, villages build their own identities, based on centuries of culture and traditions. 


- JORDAN and LEBANON : The  eastern christians' situation in the Middle-East is alarming. We are going to try to know more thanks to members of associations who fight for their rights and integration there. For instance, we are going to meet a representative of the French mission of SOS Chrétiens d'Orient in Jordan.  



We'll be back home (if everything goes well - it is up to YOU) on July, 12, 2016, holy day in France - and part of identity, whether we like it or not -  because we will celebrate the 18th anniversary of our victory at the 1998 World Cup !!!!! 





For all that, we set a precise budget - you'll find details below:

Allocation of funds


Our internships wedges coupled with the help from our parents allowed us to finance a part of the project - we bought our own flight tickets! 

Still, we need your kind help to finance 30% of the budget, that is to say 4920€, which will help us live every day.


-   Daily spending (housing, food): 3800€

-   Filming devices and equipement (camera, backpack, sleeping bag...) = 800€

-   Vaccines and visas = 240€

-   Others (in case of an emergency) = 400€





If we are to break the bank...

-   Si nous dépassons 4920€ : You will help us be more flexible in our daily life there.


If you pay your taxes in France, you can be exempted from taxations up to 66% !!! 


TOUT UN MONDE is an ambitious project which we won't be able to achieve without your help. It's here and NOW!!! 


Thank you sooo much for your time and support !   

Marie and Sonia


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