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4 years after SURFACE, i'm beyond happy to announce my new book TURBULENCES ! A photo series shot from the inside of Teahupo'o. One of the heaviest wave in the world that offers a stellar show yet kept unseen. An interesting balance between air and water, giving birth to suprising shapes that we call "vortex". These turbulences have obessed me for the last 4 years. So much that i have spent these years getting caught and worked at Teahupo’o. Right below the impact zone, right above the reef, to witness the unique phenomenon . I tried my best to shoot it in all its forms, from 1/10th to 1/8000th of a second in order to capture its beauty and power. Once i was out of the water, it was hard to think of anything else but that’s what forced me to see the ocean differently and i started to spot similarities from above and below the surface and creativity kept coming. This book represents a body of work on the element of water. Voluntarily limited to 128 pages, in order to remain visually strong, printed on high quality and appropriate paper, nothing was left aside to unveil these 75 photos. Book details : Book size 24x30cm 128 pages 75 photos High quality paper from Arctic Paper Cover printed on fine art paper with silver hot stamping Printed in France

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Creating a book is a fascinating challenge. I was hooked since SURFACE, my first one. Starting from scratch, coming up from your imagination and reflection, slowly taking forms following sleepless nights and long days in the water, years after years, hard work starts to make sense, and making a book can be considered, pages start to fill in. It's a long term project where patience and perseverance are keys to success. Years of work for the love of ocean and photography. Publishing a book, especially an art book, cost dozens of thousands of euros. This campaign's goal is to presale some copies of the book in order to help me pay the printing process. If the campaign is successful, the book will happen and on top of a financial contribution, it will be the best reward and support to pursue this project. A huge thank you in advance for your essential help. Shipping Infos : The regular edition of the book will ship begining of November after the end of the campaign. The limited Editions (Luxury and Art Edition) will ship Second half of November. About me : Originally from Toulon, in the south of France, i have been raised by the sea. From a family of six, at young age my big brothers taught me surfing which have bred in me a deep love for the ocean. This sport became an addiction that have guided the rest of my life. While i was learning how to surf, i was also discovering art and joined painting classes. Naturally i was painting ocean and waves. It's only as a teenager that i discover photography, when i accidentally find an old camera in my parents attic. I buy a few films, i shoot, i failed, i shoot again... and realize that this whole process fascinates me. That's it ! i will become a photographer After graduating, i manage to convince my parents that i want to do a photography school. That's how i moved to Paris with a camera and a 50mm. I spend the first year shooting everywhere in Paris, consuming dozens, even hundreds of Kodak films TRI-X 400 that i developp in my bathroom and print at school. Like thirsty of konwledge, i learn everything i can, i spend countless hours shooting, reading and learning. But this obsession for surfing gets back in me and makes my life in Paris hard to handle. Eventually i quit my photography school halfway thru the year and fly to Hawaii ! January 2006, i'm 19 years old, and i land on Maui, Hawaii with my home-made waterhousing and i will spent the next 3 months swimming at Ho'okipa every single day regardless the conditions. The following steps are a long story but here are some important dates : 2004/2005 : Photography school : ICART Paris 2006 : First trip to Hawaii. 2007 : First trip to Tahiti 2008 : Moving to Tahiti 2013 - RED BULL ILLUME Semi Finalist : Illumination Categor 2014 - ISPO AWARD Gold Winner : Photo Category 2016 - SALT AWARD Winner : Water category 2016 - RED BULL ILLUME Finalist : Masterpiece Category 2016 - MONSTER CHILDREN Photo competition Winner : Action Category 2017 - CANON Editor's Choice Contest Winner : Sports + Nature Categories 2017 - WSSF - Olympus Pro Photographer Show Down : People's Choice Winner 2018 - Publishing of my first book SURFACE 2019 - RED BULL ILLUME / Over all Winner & Category Winner : Energy 2021 - Whalebone Photo contest, Finalist : Water + Weather categories 2021 - Paris Sport Photo, Finalist : Sport Extremes + Portfolio categories 2021 - Ocean Photography Award : Adventure photographer of the year


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1 TURBULENCES book + 1 SURFACE book for 110€ instead of 120€ The very last copies of SURFACE ! + 1 invitation to the launch party in Paris. 16-20 of november

Estimated delivery: November 2021

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A huge THANK YOU for your support ! I will send you 2 wallpers to use on your smartphone. + 1 invitation to the laucnh party in Paris 16-20 of November

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- 1 TURBULENCES Book at 50€ instead of 55€ + 1 invitation to the launch party in Paris. 16-20 of november.

Estimated delivery: November 2021

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1 TURBULENCES book - regular Edition + 1 invitation to the launch party in PAris . 16-20 of november

Estimated delivery: November 2021

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- 1 TURBULENCES book signed - 1 slip case, beaurtifully handmade, with silver hot stamping. - 1 print 13x19cm (15x21cm paper), signed. + 1 invitation to the launch party in Paris 16-20 of november

Estimated delivery: November 2021



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- 1 book TURBULENCES - Limited edition of 50, numbered and signed - 1 beautiful Art Box, hand made, with a window on the first page to showcase the book in its art box - 1 limited edition print of 50 : 18x28cm (paper size 21x30cm), numbered and signed + 1 invitation to the launch party in Paris 16-20 of november

Estimated delivery: November 2021

TURBULENCES + 24x36'' Fine Art Print


    - 1 x TURBULENCES Book signed (Free shipping) - 1 x 24x36'' Fine Art Print N°1/4 Diasec + frame to be chosen in my limited edition prints collection (upon availibility and shipping included) - Save 200€

    Estimated delivery: November 2021

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    The first 50 copies of TURBULENCES book at a price of 50€ instead of 55€ + Free shipping in France only + 1 invitation to the launch Party in Paris - 16/20 of November

    Estimated delivery: November 2021