Communication. Is the name of our project an original fusion of 2 musicians and an artist painter. Please support us.

Project visual TwoBugz's COMMUNICATION
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Albion Hicks and Damien Tristani are friends and neighbours since some while now. They live in the same Corsican village, perched in the mountains. It`s where Albion has installed his painting studio after traveling around Europe in his bus "Molly"


At His home, of the beaten trails, Albion has made a comfy refuge accommodating friends and offering an open window on a rich and singulier universe. sharing the vision of his work in progression and the painter is also sculpter, author, and interprtet.

Together we have made music, jammed and came to think with enthusiasm to put the words to music.These magnificent texts written by the painter over the years.


And so , now the duo TwoBugz composed of Damien Tristani and Bruno Sebald who have also accumulated the notes musical on their passage that led them to the writers refuge,create play and work, the adventure begins...

In the house of the artist, the evenings of oxen are transformed into creative sessions. . In the group's premises, the first studio sessions are organized. The three friends weave together their reciprocal artistic worlds in a unique universe, where the musical creations of the duo invite themselves to the painter's pictorial and literary work, and vice versa!


Alchemy takes place and the first completed compositions appear.

Now we need you to finalize this project!

Participate in the development of our EP by pre-purchasing now the various counterparties presented here, everything will be delivered to you at the time of the release of the EP scheduled May 2, 2019.

Know that all these rewards (covers of the EP, stickers, posters, T-shirts and "EP limited editions") are all original pictorial creations of Albion HICKS, true "artistic objects".

"Let's play together"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Allocation of funds

The collection will serve to:

- Remunerate the spatio-temporal sculptor (yes! the sound engineer), sound recording and mixing.

- Pay the pressing of CDs (expected in April).
- Pay the mastering.
- Miscellaneous expenses: Platform commission, expenses of sending of the counterparties, various expenses during the days of studio (meals, transport ...).


If we exceed the target, the additional money collected will be used to:

- Spend more time in the studio and therefore add other titles to the EP,
- Increase the physical quality of the CD package,
- Start our first clip.


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