Un 3e album pour Bon Débarras

Bon Débarras, the traditional folk music trio is launching a 3rd album – join the family and help us give form to this project!

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Un 3e album pour Bon Débarras


Bon Débarras’ folk music is deeply rooted in the memory of French-speaking America. On their guitars, banjo, violin, washboard and harmonicas, and integrating foot percussion, jig and body percussion, the trio weaves musical atmospheres that transcend boundaries and ages.



Core members and co-founders of the trio, Jean-François Dumas and Dominic Desrochers, collaborated with Luzio Altobelli and his accordion for 10 years. Luzio passed his spot in the band on to Cédric Dind-Lavoie, on the double bass. To date, the band has given birth to two albums, both nominated for ADISQ awards  (to be found on Bandcamp).


Bon Débarras has continued to evolve with the arrival of violinist Marie-Pierre Lecault. Since she joined the band one year ago, their repertoire has been revisited, rearranged, and above all inspired by the experience of this talented violinist. New voice, new instrument, and new arrangements: Bon Débarras is currently enjoying a richly creative atmosphere that will surely contribute to the new album.



Bon Débarras in concert in Villers-sur-Mer, France. July 2016. Credit: Rémi Giguère




Between the three accomplices, there’s never a shortage of ideas!

They have a dozen new pieces in the works, and they are busy on a bunch of instrumentals, in addition to their compositions on original lyrics. The female voice adds something really special to their harmonies. “The journey unfolds, as we continue to explore the rich diversity of the musical traditions of French North America (Cajun, Quebec traditional and contemporary, as well as American folk music). We aim to broaden our horizons using elements of urban music (rap), while conjuring up the deep roots of the First Nations. We won’t say much more at this time… But you can learn more as the project moves forward, by viewing and sharing the capsules on our Facebook page.”




After a ten-year period marked by collaborations, research, and performances, Bon Débarras is determined to produce an original album that also brings people together. Indeed, Cédric Dind-Lavoie will be back to play double bass, as well as being the musical director.

Rémi Giguère, the audio technician who rarely misses a performance by the band, will be at the sound board for the recording. As artistic director, Edgar Bori will bring his experience and keen point of view to the project. That wonderful family of friendship and talent that has grown over the last ten years around Bon Débarras wouldn’t be complete without Luzio Altobelli, joining in with his accordion.



Rémi and Bon Débarras in France. July 2016.



Luzio, Cédric, Jean-François and Dominic. Credit: Mario Faubert



“We’re scheduled to enter the studio in November. And since we want to remain true to ourselves with this project, we’ll bring the whole team to the Studio du Chemin 4 in Joliette: soundwise, the current cradle of Quebec traditional music”.


Cédric has also thought of some string quartet arrangements on which the group Quatuor Trad, founded by Marie-Pierre and featuring Émilie Brûlé, Karine Lalonde and Sophie Coderre, could collaborate. No doubt, the family will grow with the contribution of new talents, expertise and experiences.


But wait – there’s only one question… What about the money?



Quatuor Trad : Sophie Coderre, Marie-Pierre Lecault, Émilie Brûlé and Karine Lalonde.

Credit: Julie Coderre

Allocation of funds

Productions de l’onde, our record/shows company, currently has a budget of $28,000 allocated as follows:


·      Basic studio expenses (recording, mixing, producing the CD): $10,000

·      Production, artistic direction and arrangements: $7,500

·      Musicians’ compensation: $8,500

·      Jacket design (graphic design + photos): $2,000


However, we need another $5,000 in order for us to live up to our hopes and dreams.


·      Added costs for recording at Studio du Chemin 4: $2,500

·      Additional amount for the jacket design: $800

·      Guest musicians: $1000

·      Translation costs, English version of KKBB page: $300

·      KKBB 8% fees: $400



Since this is our third album, we’re going to dream big: if we are able to exceed that initial goal of $5,000 with this fundraiser, and collect a total amount of $7,500, we’ll pay for string arrangements and invite Quatuor Trad to participate on the recording of one or two tracks.


If we could make the money magically appear, we wouldn’t be asking for your support.


But like they say, money doesn’t grow on trees. This third album could be an excellent opportunity to promote culture and tradition, with the power of the collective behind us.


How would you like to play a role in our new project along with a creative bunch of people?

Our project could become your project, thanks to a contribution either financial or… human (or both!), by sharing this appeal among your own networks.


We look forward to meeting you, to sharing the road with you, to bringing this project alive with your help and your contributions. 



Credit : Rémi Giguère

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Estimated delivery: February 2017

We will deliver* your signed copy of the new album to your door! What’s more, you’ll also get an acoustic performance of one of the new songs. *Greater Montréal area only, February 7th or 9th, 2017
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