An album, 5 countries!

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An album, 5 countries!

Musician since my childhood, I am a RAV Vast player. What is that? A melodical percussion whith dreamlike sound made in Russia! Real jewel of precision whose sound is full of subtilities. To get all the beauty of it, it can't be recorded with basics microphones. Good microphones are also needing expert's hands, sound captation is a complexe job. The amazing Tim Thielemans, sound ingenior for Peeping Tom company, will accompany me in this great project: recording together a 5 titles album in 5 differents theatres and countries! We already started! With Ricochets, recorded in Onde theatre (Fr)! The venue as lent us a pair of AKG C414 microphones for the captation (and now we wish to buy them to record around the world this album!) ⬇!⬇!⬇ Curious? Here is a link to listen to Ricochets ⬇!⬇!⬇ (hearphones higly recommanded for a better experience!) Even little contributions are more than welcome! As the Morrocan proverb says: "It is only piece by piece that the camel will fit in the marmit!". So... Thank you so much for your support, as small as it might be!!!

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To buy a pair of AKG C414 microphones, to record a 5 titles album in 5 differents theatres and countries!


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You and I will spend one hour together in a private lesson to discover (or improve) the Rav Vast!

We lent you the AKG C414 for 2 weeks!


You are a musician and dream to have the unique chance to record your instrument with the AKG C414? Do not miss that train: We'll lent it to you for 2 weeks! (!No sending by post possible!) (!Caution asked at the delivery!)

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A private concert with a surpise guest at your home!

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