Un Didgeridoo en Chanvre pour Bruce Rogers

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Project visual Un Didgeridoo en Chanvre pour Bruce Rogers
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Un Didgeridoo en Chanvre pour Bruce Rogers

Hi everyone,


me and Adam Crookedstikz Hendwood asking you a favour. Some of you i havent met, some of you are close friends but all of us share an interest and also a dear friend in Bruce rogers. As you all know Bruce is in recovery and will be for around 12months or more and its going very well. Adam Crookedstikz was talking to him the other day and he said that hes not allowed to play his wooden didges as theyre too hard to keep clean enough etc and that hes only able to play his pvc pipe...




Adam figured thats simply just not good enough and we spoken with Jon Worsely from "the sound of hemp" whos also a good friend of him and an amazing man about making a hemp didge for bruce for his recovery. We will be colaborating on this project to build Bruce a D beauty over the next few week.


I think the final product is about 5 weeks away, Ok so heres why we have created this crowd found, so we are asking you if you feel like chipping in to help us fund this and Adam will pick up this beautiful didge to our awesome brother.The cost is approx 800€, so lets get together friends from far and wide and send some love Bruces.



if you cant help please dont feel at all bad, as i know that money doesnt come easily and that sometimes we just cant spare it, so send your love Bruces way and know that its enough simply to be energetically involved 

Allocation of funds

Providing the support of the didgeridoo players community to Bruce Rogers. Bruce need special instrument that he can clean intensively without risk of damage.


In case of exceeding amount , we will add a high protective cover like snake skin.

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