Un grand tracteur pour un petit village!

A tractor needs the money to reach a little senegalese village!

Project visual Un grand tracteur pour un petit village!
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Un grand tracteur pour un petit village!


The village: Linkering is a 3000 people village which, like many other small Sub-Saharan communities, suffers from a problem of food scarcity: on the one hand it is forced to an imports-based economy; on the other it is threatened by phenomenons of land grabbing on the part of multinational companies and foreign financial institutions.

Due to the absence of means of production sufficient to satisfy the internal food needs, inhabitants are living in debt.



The semi-subsistence agricultural production is aggravated by the presence of endemic malaria and an arid climate, which impose a heavy burden on local farmers and animals. The chance of leaving the village in search of better life conditions is reserved only to the few who can afford it.



The project: After spending 20 years working in Europe, an emigrant decided to go back home bringing some farm equipment and water pumps. To fully operate, these tools need a tractor.

This innovation would optimize corn, wheat, millet, sorghum, peanut and manioc plantations’ productivity, to the benefit of Linkering’s internal economy.   



Allocation of funds

The money collected will cover the shipping costs to carry the tractor from Bergamo to Linkering




€ 300: transportation and loading of the tractor on a cargo container

€ 1200: naval shipment of the tractor from Bergamo to Dakar’s harbour

€ 500: carriage of the tractor from Dakar to Linkering

In the event that the goal was exceeded, the extra money will be used for the purchase of two new back wheels (€ 400 each)


The collection will be credited to the account of Bruno Rocchi who will pay the expedition fee for the tractor.

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