Un POP-UP Shop pour Christelle Noel

Support the creation of an ephemeral boutique in Paris for Christelle Noel Handmade, surprises and workshops throughout the POP-UP.

Project visual Un POP-UP Shop pour Christelle Noel
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Un POP-UP Shop pour Christelle Noel


Christelle Noel Handmade is a brand of traditional embroidery with pop and flashy colors, and the wacky universe. Each piece is unique and embroidered by hand. The motifs composed of pearls and sequins, are invited on urban cuts, inspired by a 80-90's cloakroom.






Christelle Noel Handmade celebrates her 3 years this year.

2017 was full of encounters and beautiful projects: decorate in the spirit of my brand a showcase of Galerie Lafayette in Caen, collaborate for tote bags embroidered with the brand Louvreuse, make pretty visual t-shirts for Des Petits Hauts. And having been one of the 10 winners of the contest Who's Next x Citadium, Christelle Noel Handmade has been in pop-up for 3 weeks at Citadium Opéra.

Some pictures of the first collection "Cosmico Ananas"











Here summer 2017 "Retour vers le cactus"















The VHS Club Spring / Summer 2018 collection tells a story. That of neon lights in dark places, 80's typography that indicate the way of the video-club in the background of the night. Always with humor, we find our heroine molded in her flowery body, smoking her cigarette and lifting the dumbbell with class exchanging big euphoric sequins for big tickets in the basement of the VHS Club.




















Allocation of funds

My project for this spring 2018 is to have a place to meet you and share, a bit of my knowledge and my world. Ideally, this pop-up shop will be located in an attractive district of Paris. But for that, I need your help!

I NEED  2160 €





Imagine the space of a week a place lost in time.

Neon and mirror balls next to beautiful plants and shelves of old VHS. In the middle of this decor, you will have the opportunity to discover the new collection spring / summer 2018. The idea is to make the place live throughout the week: a launch party, embroidery workshops, film screenings 90's MOVIE. This space could also be an opportunity to invite other artists / creators to offer you a photo exhibition, various custom activities, and other surprises to come.

DO YOU ATTEMPT? Yaaaaaaaay !!


Here is what will serve the 2160 euros




There are plenty of cool counterparts to the colors of summer 2018. (you can choose colors for embroidered teeshirts / hoodies)




You will be able to admire the next collections on my new website.


This will fund the photo / video shoot for the next collection. Financing communication over several months, supplies (fabrics etc ...). And also a big party for the opening of the Pop-up Shop!





I'm Christelle, I'm 30 years old. I graduated from the Chardon Savard workshop in Paris.

I made my embroidery debut at the artisanal workshop of the Martin Margiela house.

Three years ago, I decided to launch my brand following a few orders.

I love the work of craftsmanship, it is a work of patience above all, to sublimate a piece like a jewel thanks to pearls and sequins. As each model is embroidered by hand, this makes it unique.

The second priority in my work is THE FUN! Bright colors and a dose of humor, all in a glittery recipe that I never tire of.

I am at the base of this project but I am helped and surrounded every day by my friends who help me that it is for the graphic DA (a big thank you to Nicolas Corbay), to the realization of the videos (a Thanks a lot to Clémentine Decremps), the photos or my one-day models.



Tha party starts here! Fancy a spangle?



The company Christelle Noel Handmade will receive the totality of the collection funds





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