Le Rêve d'Aby is a world where every animal is treated with respect. Help us gather all our farm animals in one place and inform you.


The project

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(note for english-speakers : all videos have english subtitles)



- Inform and raise awareness

- Offer alternatives and solutions

- Set up a mutual assistance network

- Facilitate the understanding and foster empathy towards non-human persons




Le Rêve d'Aby has moved. The horses, ponies and pigs are already installed but to be able to gather everyone in the same place (all the ones that had factory farming backgrounds : cows, sheep, goats and chicken), we need to build a new shed which will look like the one hereunder.

Gather all the animals in the same place would enable us to organise awareness days and discovery days  in our new location.




We have initiated the project of a new website, clearer, more complete, user-friendly and in agreement with our new visual identity and our new mission. Today, we still need funds to finalise this beautiful project in development. 



We also wish to print information on media that are 100% recycled, like for instance, our newsletter or a bi-annual magazine that would be distributed in vegetarian restaurants or organic stores.





To set up a mutual aid network, we first need to increase our own network of members and donors. This goal will be pursued by a more targeted communication and by strengthening our participation to conferences and events this year.





Secondly, we would like to develop our own mobile application that would enable any person wanting to decrease his/her meat consumption to be assisted in his/her endeavor. We aim to develop a network of vegetarians/vegan restaurants which would be recognizable thanks to our blue label but also share recipes and tips.






By starting with the simplest and most evident : a recipe box !






June 2012, Sophie helps her neighbor to give birth to a little cow and her brother... Aby was born and would not know of factory farming nor slaughterhouses. Aby is going to live at Sophie's farm and a beautiful relationship will grow between her and Sophie who will start questioning  the way she eats and the way she sees "utility animals". A farm, some land and the support of Vincent... She did not need much more to take the adventure to another level : In July, the first rescue of battery hen is organized. Arya will be the first to scratch the dust and the ground. Other rescues like the one of Raoul & Betty, will trigger an amazing show of solidarity.


December 2012, It is time to make things official! The non-profit Le Rêve d'Aby (Aby's dream) is created, the paperwork is handed in. In 2013, Sophie and Vincent meet Nastassia and reimagine the world, dream of beautiful things, evolution, progress. The first volunteer start to arrive.


Rescues increases, all are moving : the first sheep, the funny and capricious goats : Clochette (Tinkerbell) the beautiful Jersey cow, Tim our bull which remains a baby in his head and is hence so touching, our cuddling donkeys, the horses, the rabbits... The list is long.


In June 2014, Wilbur, our clumsy pig is rescued from an intensive farming facility. His arrival has an impact on the cause defended by LRA which refocuses its mission on factory farming in particular and all "utility animals" (animals bred to be used for their meat, skin, etc...) In July 2014, during a major rescue, tens of horses will have the chance to avoid slaughterhouses.


This period was followed by disappointment, and a feeling of helplessness... In October 2014 the last rescues will take place. LRA calls itself into question. Does it make any sens to buy an animal from a slaughterhouse dealer to save it? Does it impact wellbeing of animals globally? The decision to put an end to "slaughterhouse-rescues" is taken. LRA will however still be active in rescues in the case of a foreclosure as long as the infrastructures and the finance permit it.


Sophie, Vincent and Nastassia take almost 3 months to debate around the mission and the vision of LRA and in 2015 the new identity is put in place. The committee is reinforced with the arrival of Anne-Laure and Isabelle. The group of volunteers is reinforced as well. All assembled around the values defended by LRA : integrity, humility, respect and moderation. 


In March 2015, LRA moves to Beuzet. And here we are in September 2015 to call out to you to give us a hand to materialize our mission and projects as described above. We are looking forward to share our dreams with you, and we are writhing in anticipation at the idea of meeting you and to show you that you are right to believe in this dream with us!




For more information about Le Rêve d'Aby, you can browse our website, our biography or our Facebook page



Why fund it?

The objective of the fundraising is to gather 9.000 € for our non-profit organisation.



4.500 € will be used to build a barn that will welcome Aby (our mascot cow) and other animals all from factory farming facilities. The rest will be used to develop our educational purpose : website, mobile app, newsletter, magazine, etc...


If we exceed the objective, the funds will be used to set up three projects :  

- Raise awareness with restaurants in Belgium to offer at least 2 plant based meals.

- Organisation or plant-based cooking classes.

Organisation of a full week abroad in small groups to meet animals and learn to consume plant-based meals.


We have many more projects in stock (on hold) and really, we do not lack imagination :)


Hey there, my name is Aby! I am the little Holstein cow born in June 2012 in a private factory farming facility. I should have left at the age of 3 weeks to be fattened and sold to a slaughterhouse at 3-months-old, but my path crossed Sophie & Vincent's. They adopted me and promised me a brighter future. They did not lie! I becames the mascot of their... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Que faites-vous exactement?

Nous sommes un sanctuaire qui recueille certains survivants de l'industrie de l'élevage intensif. Nous les soignons physiquement et moralement. Nous leurs permettons ensuite d'entrer en contact avec vous, afin d'aider chaque être humain à comprendre toute la sensibilité de ces êtres.

Parallèlement à cela, pour trouver une solution au problème à une plus grande échelle nous mettons en place des systèmes d'informations et des réseaux d'aide pour faciliter le passage de notre régime traditionnel carné à un régime à base de plante. Nous œuvrons également à mettre à disposition des alternatives.

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Très beau projet! J'espère que vous arriverez à vos objectifs et pourrez continuer à accueillir les animaux :)