Único Artisan (un vrai!) Glacier a besoin de votre soutien !

Help two gelato lovers to continue their adventure !

Project visual Único Artisan (un vrai!) Glacier a besoin de votre soutien !
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Único Artisan (un vrai!) Glacier a besoin de votre soutien !

Hey Kissbankers !

    We are the taste promoters, we spend all our time to taste and discover new quality products, which are also grown respecting the environment and have a special taste (that you will remember!) : this is the reason we are working with local farmers, producers of our province located less than 100 km. (The proximity allows us to fix the tastes as fast as possible in negative temperatures !)


    We first met at  the Paul Bocuse Institute, then we had worked for Michelin-star French Chefs in Paris or Lyon, and then U-turn: Why not to move for pastry? Julia leaves and went to learn from Richard Sève (Relais et Desserts team member) and then took the position of sous chef of pastry in Sydney at the Sofitel. Tiago decided to go to Shanghai at the "school restaurant" of the Institut Paul Bocuse to train Chinese students at French culinary techniques and restaurant management. The very creative ice-cream Chef Pierre Geronimi called us to launch his own luxurious ice-cream shop in Monaco, and to develop premium ice-cream.  After one year and the shop already set, we wanted to use our strong entrepreneurship to start the company of our dreams in Lyon, home of the French gastronomy, house of the Epicureans.


    We quickly observed that handicraft doesn’t exist in the ice-cream sector and most of the  ice-cream shop use premix or chemical powders, sugary fruit purees to be mixed in one step with milk or water…Anyone can be an "ice-cream maker"!


    So we battled to restore french handicraft in this specific sector. In September 2017, after more than two years of hard work, we launched our project to create a responsible gelato shop, promoting sustainable agriculture: Unico Glacier was born !


Allocation of funds

    We have just started our activity 9 months ago, and banks were shy to borrow money (what we really needed) to young people. So we were not able to buy all the machines to work properly. It’s why today we need your support.


    Our objective is to optimize our production and to extend our storage. Conservation of our gelato is  fundamental as we never use stabilizers or emulsifiers, all this make our gelato more fragile. The purchase of adapted professional equipments is mandatory to develop our activity.  


    We need to invest in a new machine to improve and facilitate our way of working: a ventilated freezer/fridge, with 16 boxes in stainless steel of 5 liters.


    With the professional freezer/ fridge (2990 ), we will be able to store our ice-creams and to keep it at the right temperature (-16°C) for the best conservation : it preserves the taste and texture of the gelato. By conception, the inlet cold air flow is not drying the stored gelato. The stainless steel buckets (430€ ) will store the gelato. We are only two persons for the production and the gelato selling. Our target would be to double the number of Gelato bucket in order to anticipate in busy periods the replacement of new gelato flavours in the showcase.  

Other machines acquisition would be necessary to strengthen our development:

·         A robot mixer of 8 liters (1 459 € ) to avoid Julia to be upset when she needs to start a batch of meringue. Especially when she needs to do 8 small batches using her own 3 liter capacity mixer instead of two !

·         A juice extractor (1 120 €)to allow us in winter period to transform carrot, celery, beetroot and various other vegetables.  

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