What would it take for the People to lead a successful Revolution and set up a real Democracy? Help us finance a guide to Freedom


The project

For the past 3 years, in the wake of a social and economical crisis that has taken its toll on the most vulnerable, the world has been in turmoil, bringing the People and security forces to a breaking point. People have taken the streets to demand justice, dignity and a Real Democracy. But what is a real Democracy? And are we using the right methods to get there? If not, how can we lead a successful revolution?

Why fund it?

Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, United Kingdom, Tunisia, Egypt, Iceland, Turkey, Bulgaria... These are the countries that have so far been visited as part of this project. Many people were met throughout the world, all of them with one aim: Freedom through self determination...


This documentary investigates the ways each and everyone can live in a state of Freedom, one of the most important values of Life.


With 70% of all needed footage already acquired through independent means, this documentary now requires your help and contribution for completion and distribution, in order to answer a fundamental question for our kind.


Here is how the money will be spent:

665 in flights and visas + 535 in hostel cost + 260 food and living expenses + 200 in new go pro camera + 340 in bullet proof helmet


If more money is collected, this will help take the project even further as it will allow us to travel to more places and interview more people. Freedom is a global aim and many countries are going through struggles, all around the world, sometimes without much media coverage (for example, when I got to Bulgaria, the inhabitants of Sofia, the capital city, had been on strike for 100 days. No foreign media had bothered reporting on it). Having as many communities as possible within this movie might just be the push they need to get their voices heard and obtain Freedom and self determination. 


Thank you in advance for your kind support


With both my parents growing up during a war of Independence, understanding the world, its conflicts and the value of Freedom has always been a priority for me, since I was a little girl. It was only later on that I developed a strong interest for visual arts and film making. It was inevitable that 2 of the biggest aspects of my life would eventually... See more