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<p><strong>The project in a few words:</strong> Without a doubt, the biggest project of my life, the most personal project I could do, my first album. It came to me as a necessity. It is a concentrate of the last years of my life told through the most beautiful art, music.</p> <p><strong>The origins of the project:</strong> We live in an era where everything changes quickly, where the world evolves at a crazy speed. As a proof of this, I was far from telling myself a few months ago that I would make this album. And yet so many things happened to me that literally changed me and gave birth to this almost inexplicable desire to tell what I experienced and felt in music. So I surrounded myself, above all with friends, but also with 6&nbsp;talented male and female singers, in order to transcribe in the best possible way the emotions I was trying to convey through my music.</p> <p><strong>JEEKA</strong>, this name, which came to my mind a little by chance during a trip, made me want to create an image representing my musical universe. I had the idea of a headset, which will always cause the same reaction in people: &quot;it looks like Daft Punk&quot;. It&#39;s up to say they didn&#39;t inspire me, but honestly, there&#39;s no better model. This headset, with its futuristic look, inspired me a lot and I hope it will allow you to put a picture on my music.</p> <p><strong>The</strong> <strong>album</strong> is divided into 10 tracks in which I have been able to tackle all the styles of music that are dear to me, from house to EDM, through to simpler tracks with just a guitar or a piano accompanying a voice. Each track has a story, a development, and for some a recipient. I hope they will touch you, that they will help you feel better. If they do, then I can consider that my goal has been reached. A small <strong>exclusive</strong>! One of the 10 tracks of the project, <strong>MISS YOU</strong>, featuring Sebastian (@justsebastiann on Instagram), will be released as a single before the release of the album. Stay tuned to know when 👀&nbsp; There is the cover...</p> <p><img alt="" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/729803/c55454bd-c624-467d-9808-8f9f33c5825b.png" width="100%" /></p> <p>But as you can imagine, producing an album has a cost, more than I imagined to be honest. So I wanted to launch this crowdfunding so that you, the contributors, would allow me to produce this album and share my music with you.</p> <p>To support the project, here are <strong>the</strong> <strong>counterparts</strong>. They will work in &quot;steps&quot;:</p> <p>- <strong>10&euro;</strong> : A big <strong>THANK YOU</strong> with a signed photo.</p> <p>- <strong>20&euro;</strong> : The <strong>ALBUM</strong>, the physical version (+ the signed photo)</p> <p>- <strong>50&euro;</strong> : The <strong>SHARING</strong>, 3 physical versions of the album, to share the project with your friends and family (+ signed photo)</p> <p>- <strong>80&euro;</strong> : The <strong>AFTER</strong>, in a world without covid, a VIP invitation to a first concert! (+ the signed photo and the physical album)</p> <p>You will, of course, be able to make donations, up to the amount you want, because all the attentions, even the smallest, are important.</p>

Allocation of funds

<p><strong>What will the funds be used for?</strong></p> <p>The 2800&euro; of the fundraising will mainly be used (71% of the amount) to pay the sound engineers who will be in charge of mixing and mastering the 10 tracks of the album.</p> <p>The rest of the money will allow me to cover the other expenses related to the project, namely :</p> <p>- The costs related to the design of the headphones and the making of the cover (shooting + editing)</p> <p>- The pressing of the physical versions of the album, the counterpart of the project</p> <p>- The budget dedicated to the promotion of the album</p> <p>- The costs due to the diffusion of the project on the platforms</p> <p>- The KissKissBankBank commission which amounts to 8%.</p> <p><img alt="" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/729406/387e148d-9c30-456c-8fa5-3fd1f12ca6aa.png" width="100%" /></p> <p>If we manage to exceed the amount we have set for this campaign, the surplus will be invested in additional promotion to ensure better visibility of the album on the market and in the media.</p>


Featured reward



  • 33 contributions
The physical version of the album (+ signed photo)

Estimated delivery: September 2021



  • 2 contributions
A big symbolic THANK YOU, because every gesture counts to support the project, accompanied by a signed photo.

Estimated delivery: September 2021



  • 15 contributions
3 versions of the physical album to share with your friends and family! (+ signed photo)

Estimated delivery: September 2021



  • 3 contributions
In a world without covid, a VIP ticket to a possible first concert. (+ signed photo and physical album)

Estimated delivery: September 2021

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