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Raising money to help rebuild two villages that were entirely destroyed during the earthquake in Nepal, on April 25

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Urgence Népal



Kares Le Roy, 34, French photographer Through my work as a photographer, I have developed a strong connection with Nepal, where I spent a lot of time these last few years to photograph and observe several ethnic groups from this part of the world. The main inspiration to my project “56,000km” was a grandmother from Tibet who had lived in Annapurna for 97 years. She was on the cover of my very first book. In March 2013, I focused my research on her and her village’s surroundings. Back then, I had launched a crowd funding campaign meant for her to be well cared for in her last days to which 114 people had participated. The collected amount (4325€) was donated to her family (details on this project are available on my website).





Christophe Abbou and the team from his agency Azimut Nepal, based in Kathmandu, had helped me a great deal to organise, translate and facilitate all the administrative needs related to my project. Nothing would have had been possible without him and I can return the favour today by helping him with his project brought on by the tragic events in Nepal.





The entire world is aware of the disaster that struck Nepal at 11:50 am on April 25th. A first 7.5 to 7.9 earthquake hit the centre of the country, followed by about 30 aftershocks of a magnitude up to 6.5.


The Kathmandu Valley was severely affected and the cultural and historical heritage substantially damaged. Thousands of victims have already been found and many are still stuck beneath the ruins. In the capital, emergency services are focused on disposing of the bodies and re-establishing water and electricity supplies, so that diseases such as cholera do not creep in.


But the media doesn't show the extent of the damage in the rural areas of the central region. Countless villages have simply disappeared, counties have been destroyed and roads have been swept away by gigantic landslides, which means that many villages have no way of communicating with the outside world. In the villages where the guides and carriers from Azimut Nepal come from, there are no more houses, no food and no access to healthcare.


The Nepalese government, completely overwhelmed and unprepared, brings little or no help to the victims.


This is the reason for this project and call for donations. The emergency aid contribution will be used to help rebuild Gatlang and Thulo Shyapru, two villages that were greatly affected. Instead of scattering their efforts, Christophe Abbou and Azimut Nepal have decided to focus on these two abandoned villages.





To support his enterprise, I'm putting together a 10 day photo sale. All profits will go directly to Azimut Nepal Funds for GATLANG & THULO SHYAPRU.




5 to 10 euros: Symbolic donation.

20 to 40 euros: You will receive a thank you card specially created for the occasion.

50 to 300 euros: You will be able to choose from the 4 photos shown below.

Allocation of funds

This money will address the critical needs of the people living in Gatlang and Thulo Shyapru.



Their needs


They need a lot of everything: food, tarpaulins, covers, kitchen utensils, basic medication, hygiene products, warm clothes, tools (pickaxes, shovels, gloves, crowbars, masks, jute bags...)





Gatlang : Rasuwa district – Central region – 2240m

400 houses, 1200 inhabitants – Population: 2 thirds Tamangs, 1 third Kamis (blacksmiths caste).


Thulo Shyapru : Rasuwa district – Central region – 1860m

140 houses, 550 inhabitants – Population: 2 thirds Tamangs, 1 third Kamis.



                                             View of Gatlang 


> There are no more roads going to those villages, no electricity, no assistance and no healthcare. ALL THE HOUSES WERE DESTROYED DURING THE QUAKE.





1/ Christophe Abbou and Azimut Nepal have a team on site in Kathmandu. They will start by buying and packing first aid items and taking them to the agency. First aid packages will be given to families of four as a priority. 

2/ Azimut Nepal will organise transport from Kathmandu to the two villages. Once there, guides, carriers and their families who’s villages have been destroyed will carry and distribute the packages. 

3/ Rebuilding will take time and depend on the collected funds, given the extent of the damages: about 400 houses in Gatlang and 100 in Thulo Shyapru need to be rebuilt. The rubble will have to be removed before anything else can start, which is why we will send shovels, pickaxes, crowbars, jute bags and so on.



Please note that:


- Communicating with these two villages has been very difficult for about a week.

- Azimut Nepal is not an NGO specialized in emergency action, which comes with reports, projections and salaries. However, Christophe Abbou has worked with the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) for five years and knows very well how to proceed.  



Message from Christophe Abbou:

“Please listen to your hearts and act fast!

Every single donation will be listed on the website


Each euro will be used wisely and there will be no organization or wage costs. You will be made aware of what your donation was used for.”



Thank you






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In the interests of clarity and transparency, I would like to specify that:

1/ All profits – the collected amount, the 8% taken by KKBB and the production costs (photo printing and sending) – will go into the project. I myself have contributed 100€.

2/ All profits collected through my company (Amu Darya) will be delivered to Chirstophe's (Azimut Nepal), who will assess the situation on site and organise the spending according to the most urgent needs.

3/ You will be made aware of the advancement of the project. This way, you will be able to appreciate the importance of your contribution. I will personally keep you posted regularly via email and social networks.

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