Usciamo dal bozzolo - Quittons le cocon

With Let's leave the cocoon we want to create a publishing house of books for children run by people with disabilities. Support us!

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Usciamo dal bozzolo - Quittons le cocon

“Let’s leave the cocoon!” is first of all a cultural revolution aimed to change not only the publishing for kids, but also the way to look at the inclusion of people with disabilities in the working world that, for the moment, is based on depersonalising methods of emplyment and it is not targeted to valorise the effective individual skills.


The project is an idea of “La Lampada dei Desideri” (in English “the Genie Lamp”), an Italian volunteering Association that supports the inclusion of people with disabilities in the society, and of 11Radio, a network that has the purpose to use the communication as an integration and aggregation tool.


Since 3 years ago these 2 entities work together for surmount the disabilities through the social communication.


Through a collective writing lab for people with psychophysics disabilities (Down syndrome, autism, etc…), we broke one of the thicker wall of our society: the wall that make us believe that people with mental disabilities can’t do intellectual works.





Fabrizio- author, communication and production





Marina and Diana- creative and production secretary





Alessia- authoress





Luciano- creative





Valentino- author





Danilo- author



We decided to transform our creative lab in a real editorial spinneret: we want to create an publishing house of books for children run by people with disabilities, supported by professionals of this sector.


In particular:


1 expert of communication with several years of experience in the field of the new media




Federico Valerio


I am an expert of communication and training and since 15 years I work with the new media. I established 11Radio and I created alongside the volunteers of La Lampada dei desideri a web radio station at their office, from which started our editorial adventure. I put all my professional skills and my experience in this project, because I believe that communication is the best way to reach real social changes.



1 production responsible with several years of experience in the field of publishing




Renato Umberto Ruffino


I am a journalist and some years ago I established a comics publishing house with other friends, Prankster Comics of which I am the president. I put my expertise and my skills to achieve the goal of this project, because I believe that in the publishing field the innovation and the creativity always represent a winning means.



1 expert in social cooperation and project management




Daniele Angelelli


I am a sociologist and I worked in social cooperation and in the management of social and economical european projects. Since three years I co-operate with 11Radio and together with Federico, Renato, the volunteers of La Lampada dei deisideri and most of all the boys and girls that are a part of it, I embarked myself  with all my expertise in this new communication and social inclusion project that brought the drafting of "Piero e il brucofarfalla".




We want to bring inside the editorial market some themes, like the disability, that are hardly present, and consequently a specific public connected to it.



Allocation of funds

We want to create a small editorial house of books for children run by people with disabilities, supported by professionals of this sector.


Your participation will enable us to start-up of this new enterprise, beginning from the publication and distribution both nationally and internationally of our first book, “Piero e il Brucofarfalla” (in English “Peter and the caterpillar butterfly”). It’s an illustrate book that tells the kids and parents what means come out of the cocoon. We wrote it with the drawings of Simona Binni, authoress of Graphic Novels who has also worked at an International level.



   Brucofarfalla_01_cf-1448552088-1448713631Brucofarfalla_04_cf-1448552150-1448713645 Brucofarfalla_02_cf-1448552190-1448713658




Prewiew of the book "Piero e il brucofarfalla" 



Our request is based on a costs forecast concerning the first year of activity of the editorial house.


We are asking you to contribute to the start-up of the first six months that we estimate in 20.000 euros, distributed in this way:


Administrative and fiscal management- 1250 euros


Illustrator- 2.250 euros

Our deal with the illustrator provides a percentage of 10% on the sales. The price is based on a forecast of sale of 4.500 copies per year, and at least 2.000 in six months, with a price of 12,50 euros per book.


Print- 1.500 euros

We are including the printing of 5.000 copies in a year, so 2.500 in six months (an average of 10% of copies flawed or damaged in the shipping process must be taken into account)


Distribution- 1.000 euros

The distribution will be direct, we won’t make use of external distributors, and it will be performed on 4 levels:

-          1st level: for the first year direct distribution in the small libraries of Rome and surroundings (around 20). For the rest of Italy upon request only for big amount orders: distribution and gasoline expenses

-          2nd level: direct distribution to the single buyer through e-commerce: no cost (the buyer will be charged the shipping expenses)

-          3rd level: special distribution for firms and enterprises that want to purchase a big amount of copies a a philanthropic or corporate social responsibility gesture: distribution and shipping expenses

-          4th level: distribution to the organizations that work with disabilities through specific agreements: distribution and gasoline expenses


Investments- 1.000 euros

Costs of participation to book fairs and sector events, in order to achieve a widespread recognition of our publishing house. For the first semester we are planning to participate in two fairs at least


Workers payment- 13.000 euros

In the first year of activity we expect to employ 4 workers with a 100% disability

·         n.1 production secretary

·         n.1 responsible for communications and promotion

·         n.2 copy-writer for new editorial proposals.

These workers enjoy special tax breaks which cut down work costs.

We have also three freelance professional in the field with no disability. They work with VAT:

n.1 editorial manager and responsible for the distribution;

n.1 responsible for the communication;

n.1 social mediator.

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