UTC (série "S.1985 - ".) +1

We would like to print a book to celebrate thirty years of a loving and photographic conversation.

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UTC (série "S.1985 - ".) +1

We request your help for printing a book of photos from our project UTC (series " 1985 - ".) +1.


UTC (série « S.1985 -       ».) +1 project

Sophie L. & Vincent Louis Joseph


The intimate is one of the components of this project, not only in the contents of the photographs but also in their association.


The association of Sophie L.’s and Vincent Louis Joseph’s series symbolizes their union, photography being at the heart of their personal story.


Beyond a photographic project, UTC (série « S.1985 -      ».) +1 is a concept, a testimony to this story.


UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) is the primary standard by which the world regulates clocks and time. It is one of the several closely-related successors to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).


The series « S.1985 -     ». by Vincent Louis Joseph gathers photographs, digital images, Polaroid and films showing Sophie L., who has been his muse since they met in May 1985.

Every picture is  dated as a reference.

Beyond its intimate aspect, the series introduces the notion of time.


S. means Sophie.


1985 is the year the story began.


Followed by a dash, that opens on the space of an unspecified end date, references the inscriptions one reads on gravestones.


+1 indicates where the story was born and where it is been lived since

(UTC +1 = Paris).


UTC and +1 collect the places photographed by Sophie L. and strive to put their story in its proper context.


The prints are presented mainly as diptychs or triptychs. Their captions confront some themes with the time (ex. : fragance 7 = fragance 7 th year/ 1991), some composed of feature objects, clothes or documents connected to this story, and carry the caption en/in stock #xxx.



Allocation of funds

This fund-raising will be used to print a book of 176 pages (311 photos) in A4 format.


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