" VAGABUNDO"- Premier Livre de Vilx

Your valuable support will enable the publication of the first Vilx Book "VAGABUNDO"! Muchas Gracias!

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" VAGABUNDO"- Premier Livre de Vilx

 Hola, Me llamo Vilx, 





I'm a street painter, especially graffiti. Drawing since my early days, I juggle between creating artwork with a coffee and my cat at home, and the development of more or less large wall paintings all over the globe. Far from my cat this time.  


Work in progress in Mexico City:




One of my main goals in my travels is to ring the door, if there is a doorbell, and paint all the walls I can, this is the best way for me to share, learn from the local population .


  So on impulse, I found myself painting the burning walls of the land of the sun, hoping to find a little more inspiration than in my country of rain.


  It was very obvious to me that I was not going to rest much, and not to paint only on walls .. So full of stories to tell ... I did not know how to observe without doing anything, it took me Draw it a little, then all the time. Maladly, daily. Rapid sketches at street corners, spontaneous strokes of pencils on public benches, I stopped after each child's smile, each brows wrinkled , each hat burned by the sun. From the dusty ground of a station platform, to a coffee table, a bus station bench, under the trees of the jungle, ass on cobblestones or in the light of a headlamp, I drew The street, the whole desert, all that I saw there, all that chance gave me to see.  


Having left with the simple necessities and 2 pens, I found myself in every new town to find a" Papeleria", "a mysterious golden city" for me, pens having become for me as precious as water.    


An example of a double page:




These are 120 pages of illustrations, photos and texts, dirty, tragic, smelling sweat, and maybe even happiness.


From the street to the jungle, from the desert to the railway.   Each drawing is accompanied by a related photo, or simply the place where it was created.  


The goal being to mix imagination with reality, ink with life, following the railroad.  


As said johnny Cash, Walk the line!




One preview:















Allocation of funds

I'm Cyril Vilx, would receive the funds from the collection.


  The collection will finance the printing of 300 copies:  

-Including the realization, the different phases of the layout, and of course the printing.


-If the goal is exceeded, everything will be spent only on the creation of additional copies.


  If you can not participate financially in the project, you can also support me by talking about the project around you and by promoting my Facebook page (RilcyVilx), or instagram (@badvilx).


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Estimated delivery: June 2017

The book with you're name inside ! + One tees White/Grey "Freight Vampirz" Muchas Gracias!
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