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van den Bear second EP

van den Bear is heading to the studio to record his second EP (5 tracks). 

After a first release recorded as a solo project, this new aventure will be tackled as a band!

Arthur (Drums), Max (Bass), Vinch (Guitar) and Antoine (Guitar and Vocals) have been playing those songs for around a year (less for some) and are gonna give them life in the studio. 


Allocation of funds

The budget will serve to cover the cost of recording :

Half will go to service our instruments and gear.

The rest will be used to take care of the studio life and creation from start to finish of the songs:

-feeding our sound engineer (and ourselves)

-mastering and promote the tracks

-creating the visual identity of the opus 

All will be used to put the band in the best conditions to realise the EP.

If we exceed our budget goal, other area of creation will be explored like the filming of a video clip or some more detailed packaging options... 

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Physical EP signed by the band


You will receive a pressed CD with the jacket signed by van den Bear's 4 members
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  • Estimated delivery August 2019

Thank you note


A huge thank you for you support

    Your name in the credits


    We'll put your name with a big Thank You on the booklet of the new EP
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    Receive a very limited edition of the EP on Vinyl (15ex)
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    • Estimated delivery August 2019

    Acoustic concert in your home


    We'll play a acoustic (line up to be define depending on the location) in your home or wherever you choose.

      Free entry to any concert of van den Bear for eternity


      We promise to put your name on the guest list for all of our concerts forever

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