It's a road movie shot on foot, a young man searching for the meaning of life through a city, its streets, its madness and its motion.

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A train enter in the station, the travellers get off the train, the crowd is agitated. A young man, holding a suitcase, doesn't move, he smiles, contemplating this country for the first time. Vers L'ouest (To the West), it's the story of Tom, young idealist looking for a future. He decides to travel to take a fresh new look on his life. He won't be disappointed. As soon as he arrives, he loses everything he has. Money, ID, he simply becomes a stranger in a city he doesn't know


Without any resources, he discovers the streets, the underground world, hostility, mutual aid, the madness of the city, and before all, he must survive.


Tom is a charming character, clumsy but with a lot of resources, curious, lost in the city, lost amongst mankind.


Tom will be performed by Florian CHAUVET.



Vers l'Ouest is a breathless run in the streets of Berlin, a comic road movie shot on foot. A succession of meetings of crazy and absurd characters: tramp, femme fatale, anarchists, dealers...


Although his trip doesn't  go as planned, Tom will learn a lot of in the streets, and finally, to take another look at what he has to face.


The theme of the perpetual movement, on the road is very strong. The esthetic will match this idea, with the use of a steadicam, a camera always in movement, wich always sticks to the main character, following him in his breathless run through the streets of the city. The city is a character on its own, most of the scenes are outside, in natural sets.


The film duration will be 15 minutes, it will be shot in Berlin the first week of April 2013. In the streets, but also in modern stations as Hauptbahnof or Gesundbrunen, or also in the runways of the old Tempelhof International Airport.


The crew is a true melting pot, actors and technicians come from France, England, Germany, America, Rumania and more.








After Hours (1985) directed by Martin Scorsese, is in the a similar "mood" to this short movie. The main character is affected by the madness of the city. He's only wish, is to go home, but meetings with crazy characters, succeeding one another, making every meeting a really funny situation.


Allocation of funds


First of all, your support will give birth to this film. It will allow a technical and artistic support.


- It will pay the 10 actors expenses.


- Most of the crew is from Berlin, expect Tom, who's from Paris. The fundraising will help paying his plane ticket to Berlin, and the accommodation for the week.


-The equipment rental : sound, light for the three indoor scenes.


- I really love and care for the image quality, so we will rent ZEISS CP2 lenses, i am a big fan of it.


- A scene in wich Tom makes a... strange meeting... requires a green screen. So we will need to rent a studio for a day !


- A part of the budget is for costumes and accesories for the ten actors, for example Tom's red suitcase. Some research in Berlin's antics and second hand shops are planned.


- Shooting asks a lot of energy from the crew, we have to properly feed this happy team ! 12 persons will work 8 h per day, sometimes more, so it's about 15 meals for 12 people that needs to be organised.


- What about the camera ? I have my own CANON 7D. That's something less to rent ! Ultra light and mobile, perfect for pacing the streets of Berlin.

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