VERTIGE - Performance/Film

Help us to make VERTIGE exist! A film creation/performance about the shifts in power between the dominant and the dominated.

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VERTIGE - Performance/Film

THE PROJECT Initially planned for the stage and choreographed as an immersive, sound-based production, VERTIGE was cancelled a few days before its premiere due to health restrictions in November 2020. We have collectively decided to transform this project using video while keeping the language of theatre and performance in order to find a new space throught image. With Joris Dragoman, cameraman, and Barbara Khamouguinoff (KMGNFF), sound designer at the origin of the soundtrack, we intersected genres and explored our initial themes about the place of power and the possible shifts in the relationship between the dominants and the dominated. THE TOPIC VERTIGE consists in a series of texts about the place of power and the possible reversals between the dominant and the dominated: submission to oneself, to the family or as a social order, domination as physical, sexual or moral violence. We were inspired by archetypes and myths that still exist today and from which it is difficult to break free because they have been so assimilated: Macbeth and the destructive madness (Shakespeare), Antigone and the sacrifice of finding freedom in death (Anouilh) or Petra von Kant and the destructive solitude (Fassbinder). As a counterpoint, we have chosen to introduce contemporary feminist and progressive works: selected pieces by Monique Wittig, Paul B. Preciado or intimate testimonies of women and men are here to break these injunctions, thus opening the breach of rebellion and revolutionary emancipation. THE FORMAT Our film is hybrid and free in its narration. It is a mixture of directed interviews, filmed theatre, dystopia and behind closed doors. Each situation (or relationship) has its own unique staging and are all organised around a silent and mysterious couple (Myra and Ian, from R.W. Fassbinder's Preparadise Sorry Now) who give rhythm to the chronology of VERTIGE. The soundtrack, composed by KHMGNFF specifically for this project, will be played during the public screenings of VERTIGE, maintaining an organic relationship with the audience. WHO WE ARE Irréductibles is a working group founded in 2019 with Sandrine Nogueira and TFB/ Théâtre en Français in Berlin. In 2019, the Collective explored the legacies, complexities and actualities of feminisms. It questioned the rules and norms of our patriarchal society. In 2020/21, to extend and flesh out its investigations, the Irréductibles group headed to the power relations between dominant and dominated with a long-term project evolving from a theatre to a video form: VERTIGE WHY SUPPORTING US? After 9 months of hard work we have finished the first part of our creation, i.e. the shooting of all the scenes of the project. This part was entirely self-produced. We need your help to finance the second phase of work: Post-production. We explain what this consists of: POST-PRODUCTION - Editing: the assembly of all the pieces of video that will give its meaning to our film. - Colour grading: a finishing stage of the film's image to work on the colours and contrasts of each shot. - Sound mixing: to balance and refine the soundtrack. - Soundtrack composition: to give the film the desired atmosphere and tension. - Communication: to make our work known. - Broadcasting: to show our work. Our ambition is for this film to meet the standards expected by TV platforms and even cinemas. This aesthetic and technical requirement requires an adequate budget.

Allocation of funds

Thanks to the availability and voluntary commitment of some of the project's technicians and creators, we were able to complete the filming and provide a demanding job at a lower cost. We are now turning to crowdfunding to complete the final part of our film: post-production. We very much hope that this crowdfunding will help us to complete our budget and thus valorise the talent and the unfailing commitment of our team. For this second part of the work, we would like to pay the film crew appropriately. If we do not ask for more than 2500 euros through this crowdfunding, it is because of the way Kisskissbankbank works: if the total amount is not reached, we lose everything. On the other hand, if the fundraising per participation exceeds the threshold, it will help us to finish our film in better conditions. So here are our detailed needs: 1: To fund the composition of an original soundtrack (music and sound effects). Expected date: october 2021. Estimated budget: 1500 euros 2: to finance all the image post-production (editing, colour grading). Planned date: october - november 2021. Estimated budget: 3000 euros 3: to finance all the sound post-production (audio mixing, refining, post-synchronisation). Expected date: october - november 2021. Estimated budget 1000 euros 4: to finance the media and the communication campaign (in particular the trailer, the subtitling of the film in German and English, the graphic design of the communication, the presentation files in French, English, German...). Expected date: october - november 2021. Estimated budget: 1300 euros TOTAL : 6800 EUROS Do not hesitate to support us beyond the 2500 euros requested! To conclude, our goal is to complete this film before the end of October, so we will reach the anniversary date of the performances initially planned for October 2020! For more information about the project, please contact us!

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